Top Ten Villains on The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is the most popular cable series of all time.  A horror and a thriller about a post-apocalyptic world over run by zombies taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is based off a comic book series by the same name. The series centers on a former police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Who is both torn and strong, as he attempts to do all that is within his power to protect and lead his group of survivors in a very treacherous world.

10. Lizzie


Lizzie is very far from being a distant memory, she is a female reincarnation of Damien Throne with accents of a sociopath. Lizzie lured rats to only cut them open for her amusement and then befriended the walkers by feeding them the rats she killed.  These actions subsequently led to the prison being overrun by zombies. However, the final action to reign her a supreme sociopath is when she killed her defenseless sister Mika only to show that the zombies are misunderstood creatures who are innocent in their ambition to seek out friendship. She is number ten because she is not conscience of what is right and what is wrong. Thankfully Carol took care of her, goodbye Lizzie.

Don’t worry, she’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.

9. Merle Dixon

CharactersTWDS3-MerleWhen we are first introduced to Merle he was a violent and racist misogynist . Nonetheless, he played for the good guys towards the end of his life, but for the majority of his life on The Walking Dead he was a hateful man. He is in the bottom two because he redeemed himself before meeting his fate by sacrificing his own life for the group.

I wanna be with my brother. My brother, he wants to be in the prison. This little trip… Maybe it’ll keep that place standing. If I pull it off, maybe all is forgiven… You got to play the hand you’re dealt… I only got one.

8. Officer Gorman


His life on the show was brief, but it became clear what kind of man he was rather quickly when we realized  that he was sexually abusing Joan, however the details of that situation is unclear.  What is clear is that he tried to exchange not telling Dawn about Beth for sexual favors–unbecoming.

When someone does you a favor, it’s a courtesy to show some appreciation.

7. Officer Dawn Lerner

Season_five_dawn_lernerA complete psycho, granted it is still early to tell what her deserving rank is, but she did slap Beth for no good reason. Her temper and illogical reasoning makes her very volatile, scary, and dangerous nevertheless we will see how her character grows leaving her in the bottom 5.

I thought you were weak. You’ve proved me wrong.

6. Martinez


He was a puppet to the master villain The Governor, at least until he was fed to the zombies. Whatever orders Phillip demanded Martinez executed without hesitation making him a mindless pawn. He is near the bottom because at times he did feel some level of remorse after committing evil deeds.

There are just some things you can’t come back from. They become a part of who you are… either you live with them or you don’t.

5. Martin

Season_five_martinWe all recognize the guy from the cabin, which we will always remember for being the jerk who tried to choke Judith to death in order to control Tyreese, shame on him. Luckily enough Martin got what was coming to him when Sasha stabbed him to death.

You’re a good guy, it’s why you’re gonna die today. It’s why the baby’s gonna die… Or you can get in that car, get out of here, keep on being lucky.

4. Joe and The Claimers

Season_four_joeIf you were not part of their group you were susceptible to being murdered or even raped. Even though Daryl was a part of their group he defended Rick, Carl, and Michonne this made Daryl dispensable. Luckily for them Rick goes zombie and rips Joe’s throat out while Daryl and Michonne took care of the rest of the Claimers.

See now that’s right. It’s not some damn lie. Look we can settle this, we’re reasonable men. First we’re gonna beat Daryl to death, then we’ll have the girl, then the boy, then I’m gonna shoot you and then we’ll be square.

3. Shane Walsh

the-walking-dead-shane-mossberg-590Infamous character he is, but whether he is misunderstood or just a blatant criminal is difficult to categorize. He began as a protagonist and died as a psychopath. The zombified world has influenced Shane into becoming a man who had little value for the life of others. He shot Otis so that he could fall victim to the walkers to save his own life, and then lied to the rest of the group about it. When Dale became suspicious of this Shane threatened Dale’s life. Missed by few, hated by many landing him at number three.

Rick, you can’t just be the good guy and expect to live. Okay? Not anymore.

2. Gareth

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Gareth-West-590 (1)

He and his mother run a compound where they lure hopeless and desperate individuals with the promise of sanctuary and safety. Only to take all their weapons so that they are vulnerable and defenseless to Gareth’s appetite, and not for entertainment but for the sake of nutrition. Yes, that’s right him and his mother are cannibals. Nothing more needs to be said to confirm the intensity of  his debauchery.

I know that you’ve been out there, but I can see it… You don’t know what it is to be hungry. You don’t have to do this, we can walk away. And we will never cross paths again, I promise you.

1. The Governor


Philipp Blake aka The Governor takes the cake for being the ultimate and most wicked villain on the series.  The man kills anyone who is a probable threat to his territory that he calls Woodbury, he keeps the heads of his victims both survivors and walkers as souvenirs,  and he kills survivors with the sole purpose of having them turn so that they may be used  as entertainment. He is a depraved sociopath who bares a resemblance to Ed Gein the serial killer. The foundation of his evil lies in the fact that he is aware that his behavior is heinous, but he disguises it with charm and good will.

 I told you to kill her but you didn’t. And now you gonna turn and you gonna tear away the flesh of her bones. In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill.