Top Ten Memorable Breaking Bad Moments

10. Human Soup

Human SoupJesse was told by Walt to use a specific kind of plastic tub in order to liquefy a body and doesn’t get him the right thing. He puts it in his own bathtub and the bathtub breaks through and dissolves. This liquefied dead body drops from the second floor to the first floor in a thick, “human soup.”


9. Tortoise Head

Tortoise HeadTortuga, a Cartel member, turned criminal informant, provides the DEA necessary information on a location of a deal about to take place. Upon arriving at the scene, the agents discover Tortuga’s severed head mounted on the back of a tortoise with the words “Hola DEA” written across the shell. One agent then pulls the severed head off the turtle by yanking onto its hair, triggering a hidden explosive device in the skull. The detonation kills one agent and wounds three others.


8. Walt shooting Mike

Walt shooting MikeNo one saw it coming, but Mike had reached a point where he was just tired, and tired of the game. The serene and peaceful end to Mike was eerie and fitting to Mike’s presence on the series. In true Mike fashion, his last words were to Walt, “Shut the F*** up and let me die in peace.”


7. Say My Name

Say My NameWalt is walking into trouble, playing a game – his game. He can walk away with five million dollars cash, or he can see if a better deal lies with a new drug empire which could be far more valuable. He doesn’t want to start at the bottom again, and wants the respect of the drug dealers along with hearing the control and respect he deserves by making them, “Say My Name.”


6.Phone Call

Phone CallAfter running away from Walt Jr., Skyler, and then stealing baby Holly, Walt realizes taking his daughter can result in no good outcomes. He places this call to Skyler, fully aware the police are listening in. He clears her and his family of any involvement to protect them and his daughter. He later places Holly in a fire truck with a note, to ensure her safety.


5. Shootout

ShootoutJust as we think Walt has finally been captured when he sits, handcuffed, in the back of the SVU, the Mafia arrives. Walt tried to tell them not to come, but they showed up anyway. This resulted in a massive shootout. Some Mafia members and a DEA agent perished, leaving Walt, Hank, Jesse and the Mafia left. Uncle Jack then has no choice but to shoot Hank right in the head in front of Walt despite his constant and relentless pleading.


4. I am the one who knocks!

I am the one who knocksSkyler is fearful that what happened to Gale will happen to him, or worse, their family. She is worried about people coming to the door when Walt interrupts her and says that it won’t happen because he is the one who knocks!


3. Tread Lightly

Walt goes to Hank’s house as they have both been avoiding the fact that they both know who Heisenberg is. When Hank confronts him, Walt gets inches from his face and says, “Tread Lightly.” However, it is more of a warning than a threat, because Walt knows exactly what will happen if Hank digs any deeper.


2. Gus’s Face-Off

Gus’s Face-OffThis is one of the most memorable death scenes. Gus managed to survive the Mexican cartel and is now the king of the drug heap. Walt and Jesse form a master plan of a bomb in a nursing home giving us the image of seeing Gus with his face half blown off, adjusting his tie like nothing at all happened.


1. Felina

FelinaThis final moment for Walt, you can fully see his true happiness and contentment in his actions. He fully and truly lived his life, he killed all of those who would harm him or Jesse, and set out to complete everything he wanted. He ended the drug ring (which to me is homage to Hank,) freed Jesse, cleared his family, and the only way to do that was for him to no longer be alive. His trunk-operated machine gun contraption was one of the most well executed plans, and the Rat Poison finally came into play. He took care of his family with his leftover money, and gave viewers the most memorable ending.