Top Ten Best Episodes of ‘New Girl’

10. Halloween: Season 2, Episode 6

Halloween New Girl EpisodeIn this episode, Jess begins to think more of Sam than just a sex partner. She develops feelings for him, especially after seeing him work as a pediatrician during the day. As an ex-girlfriend from college comes to town, Nick reunites with Amelia. While CeCe is on her date with Robby, Schmidt decides to meddle with the date. Winston comes to terms that it is over with Shelby, and decides to break up with her.


9. Tomatoes: Season 1, Episode 22

Tomatoes New Girl EpisodeNick decides he wants to plant a tomato farm. Winston is head over heels in love with a girl he met, Shelby. Finally, what fans have all been waiting for, after an unexpected accident, Cece admits her love for Schmidt. Jess ends up breaking up with Russel, Nick gets back together with his old college sweetheart Caroline. Nick and Jess’s relationship hits an obstacle, viewers which may interpret this tension as pure hatred or undeniable love.


8. Re-Launch: Season 2, Episode 1

Re-Launch New Girl EpisodeThe beginning of season 2 starts out with Jess being fired from her teaching job. Schmidt is in his penis cast after the accident at the end of Season 1. He decides to throw a party at Nick’s bar celebrating its removal.  The boys bond over their love for Nick’s fruity concoctions, and we all get to see a new side of Winston. Cece brings her new slob of a boyfriend Robby to the removal party, and introduces him to Schmidt.


7. Injured: Season 1, Episode 15

Injured New Girl EpisodeWhen Nick injures himself after a game of football in the park, he does not have insurance so he refuses to see a doctor. Jess takes him to see her friend, Sadie (an OB/GYN), for treatment. However, the diagnosis is much serious than anyone expects, and it causes him to evaluate his life and friends. Meanwhile, Winston must make a decision about his car, and Schmidt and Cece’s relationship opens up to a more emotional side. This is something viewers have been looking forward to since the first episode!


6. Menzies: Season 2, Episode 7

Menzies  New Girl EpisodeSince Jess loss her job in episode 1 of Season 2, she is still unable to find a new job. In this episode, she blames her problems on PMS. Winston, also depressed, thinks he is suffering from same symptoms as Jess, even though he is a man. Nick being frustrated with himself, meets a strange old man in the park, and decides to be less angry. Schmidt agrees to be consensually sexually harassed by his new boss, Emma to get ahead. Cece is bothered that Robby labels her as a “nice girl,” as she sees herself in a completely different light and isn’t even that interested in him.


5. Parking Spot: Season 2, Episode 17

Parking Spot New Girl EpisodeJess is fed up with her off-street parking after she finds a neighborhood homeless man and cats sleeping on her car in the same week. Schmidt concocts a plan, and is able to get a new parking space in their building and shares it with Nick and Jess. Later, this causes the three of them to battle it out for the coveted parking spot. During the competition Nick and Jess will get some alone time to discuss their relationship, and where they stand.


4. Pilot: Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot New Girl EpisodeIn the series first episode, we all meet Jessica Day. She just learns her long-time boyfriend, Spencer, is cheating on her. She packs up and moves into a loft apartment with three male roommates. The three roommates are: Nick, a bartender who you sense as an instant connection with Jess, womanizer and funnyman Schmidt, and the intense personal trainer, Coach. The guys try to help Jess get back on her feet and into the dating world. (Coach ends up leaving, and the viewer’s meet Winston in later episodes).


3. Quick Hardening Caulk: Season 2, Episode 19

Quick hardening Caulk  New Girl EpisodeJess finally makes a decision about her romantic feelings for Nick. She has a tough time telling him, but has no issues when she’s hopped up on pain medication. After admitting her feelings, she finds out Nick also may have been keeping something from her. Meanwhile, Schmidt becomes obsessed with buying a unique fish, which Winston sees as a metaphor for Schmidt’s unresolved feelings toward Cece. This episode was a perfect example of all the emotions happening with the characters that were never officially addressed.


2. Normal: Season 1, Episode 20

Normal  New Girl EpisodeAfter spending an entire week at Russell’s place, Jess returns the favor by having Russell stay over at the apartment with the guys for a weekend. The weekend however does not turn out as planned. Russell shows his younger side, when the whole group plays a fun drinking game called “True American.”  The game is described as “50% Drinking Game, 50% Life-Size Candy Land,” and the floor is completely lava. Winston gets his dream job, when he is hired to work for his favorite sports radio host, who turns out to be a short-tempered jerk. Viewers really get to see all of them have fun together, and play one of the most creative drinking games invented.


1. Virgins: Season 2, Episode 23

Virgins New Girl EpisodeIn a series of flashbacks, Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece all tell each another how they each lost their virginity. Winston is surprised that his whole story had been a lie, and Nick and Schmidt are brought back their college days. Jess’s involved murder, and not surprisingly, Cece’s was romantic and involved a celebrity. Ironically, they realize the stories directly affect their present day sex lives, one relationship will change forever. This episode is #1, because all of their stories perfectly represent their lives and also present day. With each flashback, more depth is built and viewers make deeper connections to the cast.