Top ten best episodes of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

10. “Arrivederci, Fiero,” (Season 2, Episode 17):

Arrivederci, FieroMarshall is all set to celebrate his beloved Fiero hitting the 200,000 mile mark, but it stops just short of his goal. While the gang sits in the mechanic’s garage and waits to hear what will happen to the vehicle they think about times gone by that they have spent together in the car. We learn of how Ted met Marshall, the “break-in”, and how Barney learned to drive.


9. “The Pineapple Incident,” (Season 1, Episode 10):

The Pineapple IncidentAfter Ted passes out after an especially wild night in town, he wakes up the next morning with a sprained ankle, a burnt jacket, a girl in his bed and a pineapple in his room. Unable to recall everything that transpired over the course of the evening, now he must rely on his friends to fill him in on the night’s misadventures.


8. “The Naked Man,” (Season 4, Episode 9):

The Naked ManTed walks in on Robin’s date, Mitch, attempting to perform a technique he’s dubbed “The Naked Man”, to pick up girls. When the gang find out that it worked on Robin – Lily, Barney and Ted all attempt it.


7. “The Final Page (Part Two),” (Season 8, Episode 12):

The Final Page (Part Two)Ted debates whether or not to tell Robin about Barney’s plans of proposing to Patrice. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily get an early Yule gift, a night away from Marvin, but a case of separation anxiety strikes and threatens to ruin the evening.


6. “Girls vs. Suits,” (Season 5, Episode 12):

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERWith “Girls vs. Suits,” Barney must choose between sexual relations with a hot bartender and the joy of looking like the sharp-dressed man he always is. However, Ted and the viewers are finally getting bigger glimpse and one step closer to the mother.


5. “Blitzgiving,” (Season 6, Episode 10):

PressexpressTed finds himself spending Thanksgiving with his hated enemy Zoey after the gang ditches him for Steve. Normally, Steve would hold the title of “The Blitz,” on account of his bad luck and reputation for missing out on all the cool stuff, but this year, the mantle seems to be moving to Ted.


4. “Spoiler Alert,” (Season 3, Episode 8):

Spoiler AlertAn annoying habit in Ted’s new girlfriend causes the gang to point out various bad habits unnoticed by other members of the group. Marshall forgets his password and can’t check the results of the Bar exam; he turns to Barney for help.


3. “Game Night,” (Season 1, Episode 15):

Game NightBarney’s former love Shannon gives an old tape to Lily which shows the “real” Barney. While watching the tape, an embarrassed Barney storms off. When he returns, Barney tells a story from 1998, when he seems to have been a whole different person, and what made him the person he is today. To make Barney feel better, all others also tell their most embarrassing stories.


2. “The Playbook,” (Season 5, Episode 8):

The PlaybookBarney dusts off his playbook filled with strategies on how to pick up women and Lily seeks to put a stop to it. Barney as he first throws a monkey wrench into the plan of Lily (Alyson Hannigan) to fix up Ted with her friend – by sleeping with the friend, of course – and then goes head-to-head with Lily over his stolen “Playbook.” Ted and Marshall insist Robin is about to fall in love.


1. “Slap Bet,” (Season 2, Episode 9):

Slap BetAs their relationship grows, Ted discovers a deep secret and tries to uncover Robin’s past. Barney and Marshall have a slap bet riding on the outcome and Lily serves as the Slap Bet Commissioner. Barney believes she was a former porn star, but it is much more than that. The gang begins to guess the entire episode, but the answer is found after Barney does some serious digging. The created bet is so intense that it continues long into Season 8.