Top 10 Greatest Breaking Bad Deaths

10. Tortuga, decapitated and attached to a tortoise

Tortuga, decapitated and attached to a tortoise‘Tortuga’, which means tortoise in Spanish, is a DEA informant who is dead almost as soon as he arrives on screen, decapitated presumably by a machete to the neck, and strapped to an exploding tortoise by those practical jokers in the cartel.


9. Jane Margolis, choking on her own vomit

Jane Margolis, choking on her own vomitJane, Jesse’s beloved, is really spoiling Walt’s meth schedule by taking up all of his partner’s time with drug use and whatnot. The pair is just about to make their break for freedom and leave Albuquerque, so Walt does the only sensible thing when he finds her passed out and suffocating in her vomit: watch her as she dies.


8. Spooge, head crushed by an ATM

Spooge, head crushed by an ATMSpooge and his partner are an dismal lesson in the darker side of the meth trade: two gross junkies living in squalor. They kidnap Jesse and trap him in their horrible house with their adorable son and try to break into a cash machine they’ve managed to steal. There’s a stroke of luck, though, after Spooge calls his girlfriend a ‘skank’ one too many times and she drops the ATM he’s poking at right onto his head, at which point she simply sits back down on the sofa and takes a nap.


7. Gale Boetticher, shot in the head

Gale Boetticher, shot in the headGale, who just wanted Walt to be his friend, was nothing more than a pawn in Walt and Gus’s deadly power struggle. Even though he is also a mass-manufacturer of Meth, Gale is probably the biggest innocent on the show, a blameless man who enjoys his chemistry. His death is more notable, for the murder of a kind man, for the fact that Walt manipulated Jesse into doing his dirty work, and that Gale death still impacts Walt when Hank discovers who Heisenberg is through Walt’s gift from Gale.


6. Emilio Koyama, poisoned by phosphine gas, then liquefied in hydrofluoric acid

Emilio Koyama, poisoned by phosphine gas, then liquefied in hydrofluoric acidEmilio was Walt’s first murder and was Jesse’s original partner in the meth business, but turned against him and Walt following a DEA bust. Walt promises he’ll show him and his partner Krazy 8 how to make better drugs, but instead uses his superior knowledge of chemistry to fill the caravan with toxic gas and locks him in. Jesse gets the wrong container to dissolve Emilio in, so Jesse does it in his bathtub full of hydrofluoric acid. This creates a mess, dissolving the porcelain bathtub, the ceiling, and ultimately creating a thick, human soup dripping through the ceiling.


5. Mike’s guys, shanked, choked, burned and bludgeoned to death in prison

Mike's guys, shanked, choked, burned and bludgeoned to death in prisonThis sequence, in which Walt orders the execution of all the numerous loose ends who could implicate him to the DEA, and whom he no longer wishes to pay off, is a beautiful execution fully proving who is in control. Ten men in three separate prisons die in a two-minute window. It’s as impressive and complete perfection.


4. Gus Fring, pipe bomb

Gus Fring, pipe bombIt’s still an incredible episode, in which the audience willingly cheers on a carefully orchestrated implemented assassination by one blood-thirsty drug lord on another, via a bomb in a nursing home. Gus walks out of the room and straightens his tie with only half a head. Incredible.


3. Mike Ehrmantraut, shot in the gut

Mike Ehrmantraut, shot in the gutThere is something serene about Mike’s end: the loyal retainer dies on his own terms in peace and quiet at a riverbank. Of course, he was only shot in the first place in a fit of Walt’s anger, more or less at the height of his tyranny. This death takes place in quiet contrast to most of the show’s hectic violence. His dying words: “Shut the f*** up and let me die in peace.”


2. Uncle Jack’s Mafia, remote controlled machine gun (including Uncle Jack and Todd)

Uncle Jack’s Mafia, remote controlled machine gun (including Uncle Jack and Todd)There was nothing more gratifying than seeing Walt’s masterpiece play out at the most precise moment. Walt tackles Jesse to the ground making everyone in the room think Walt was attacking Jesse for ratting him out. The mafia let’s this happen as it is known these are the final moment’s the Mafia will allow Walt to have. When Walt tackles him, he hits the ‘trunk open’ button on his car. This raises a spinning machine gun which made every person of the mafia resemble a piece of swiss cheese. Let’s not forget that Uncle Jack and Todd were hit, but not dead. Walt got the satisfaction of shooting Uncle Jack in the head, Hank style, while Jesse choked Todd to death. This was nostalgic as we were reminded of Krazy 8’s death, Walt and Jesse teaming up one last time, and Jesse FINALLY getting his taste of freedom.


1. Hank Schrader, shot in the head

Hank Schrader, shot in the headNearly 20 months later, at exactly the same place where Walt and Jesse did their first cook, the shootout between Hank and Steven of the DEA versus Jack’s Mafia comes to an end. Jack is about to shoot Hank point blank when Walt, still handcuffed inside the SUV, realizes what is going on and screams for Jack not to kill Hank. Walt is brought to Jack, still handcuffed, and he pleads for Hank’s life, but Hank refuses to collaborate and threatens Jack by saying that he has backup on the way.

Walt reveals that Hank is actually his brother-in-law, and Jack is upset for just finding out that Walt has a relative working for the police.  Walt then offers to give Jack his buried $80 million dollars — only if they let Hank go. Hank still refuses to cooperate, telling Jack to “go fuck yourself.”  Walt continues to plead Jack for Hank’s life, but Hank tells Walt “You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind ten minutes ago”. Hank tells Jack to do what he’s going to do, and Jack kills Hank by shooting him in the head. Walt is shocked, he drops to his knees and then falls to the ground on his side, crying. His death is easily the most shocking and heart-wrenching death ever.