Top 10 Best Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

DVD BoxsetThe Big Bang Theory is a TV show by the geniuses that are Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show took the world by storm when it first premièred back in 2007 and his since been one of the most popular comedies on television. The unique characters which are portrayed through excellent acting combined with superb writing makes for a seriously funny and unique programme.

The show focuses on 4 friends who are the definition of the words ‘Geek’ and ‘Nerd’, researching areas of science at a university then spending their free time reading comic books and watching Star Wars on BluRay. Today we are going to take a journey through the top ten Best Big Bang Theory Episodes ever to air. Let’s begin shall we?

10. The Robotic Manipulation

The Robotic ManipulationSeason 4: Episode 1 – The episode where Sheldon goes on his first ever date with Amy accompanied by Penny which turns out to be a swamp of social awkwardness (at least for Penny).  We learn from this episode that ‘A semi-insestous teens for Jesus 4th of July hoe-down’ was Sheldon’s first ever date before hand.

The rest of the gang is in a bit of a pickle as Howard uses his new robotic arm he created in the lab for a little more than space shuttle repairs… Starting off by using it to serve food for the group, then massage his back and inevitably with a Vulcan death grip on his penis.

9. The Precious Fragmentation

The Precious FragmentationSeason 3: Episode 17 – When the group finds a box of old box of collectors items they stumble across one of the original rings from the Lord of the Rings trilogy which instantly leads to competition as to who owns it.

The conflict between the 4 guys and the power of the ring over them all is great, mainly the scene where Sheldon looks into the mirror only to see he has become Gollum.

8. The Staircase Implementation

The Staircase Implementation - Die Sheldon DieSeason 3: Episode 22 –
This episode is a fantastic look into the past of how Sheldon and Leonard first met and their path to room-mate-hood.

As Leonard enters what is to be his new room, we see Sheldon’s previous room-mates message left on the wall reading ‘ DIE SHELDON DIE’.

The episode explains a lot about the characters past, how the elevator broke and how Sheldon found ‘his spot’ on the couch.

7. The Friendship Algorithm

The Friendship AlgorithmSeason 2: Episode 13 – A truly brilliant episode with Sheldon at the heart, he starts the episode by requiring access to the University’s new ‘Open Science Grid Computer’  which Kripkey only has access too. Sheldon decides to embark on a journey to befriend Kripkey which in its self is instantly the formula for a hilarious episode.

Being a man of science, Sheldon creates ‘The Friendship Algorithm’ after conducting extensive surveys from his existing friends. Despite getting stuck in a loop within his algorithm he actually ends up going on a play date with Kripkey as they go rock climbing together.

6. The Euclid Alternative

The Euclid Alternative 2Season 2: Episode 5 – When Leonard can no longer give Sheldon lifts to and from work he is forced to call on Penny then Howard then Raj to shuttle him around.

This is the first episode when Sheldon first vocalises his initial concerts for Penny’s ‘check engine light’ in her car as the annoyance of Sheldon as a car passenger begins…

The scene with Sheldon on Howard’s scooter is just too funny as Penny refuses to take him around any more. When the group decides Sheldon needs to learn to drive, the rest of the episode is set in stone as he fails miserably and has a brilliant interaction with the DMV.

‘A car length is not a standardized unit of measurement’

5. The Agreement Dissection

The Agreement Dissection 2Season 4: Episode 21 – In The Agreement Dissection Sheldon’s room-mate agreement finally gets torn apart by Leonard’s lawyer girlfriend Priya and turns to Penny and Amy for support who also aren’t too keen on Priya.

They begin a night of ‘Priya Bashing’ where we have a brilliant scene in which Sheldon and Amy are doing the waltz. In this episode we also see Sheldon’s and Amy’s first ever kiss! (Awww!) but it doesn’t turn out too well when Amy vomits immanently after… Still a great episode.

4. The Barbarian Sublimation

The Barbarian SublimationSeason 2: Episode 3 – Easily my favourite episode which focuses on Penny, in the Barbarian Sublimation we see Penny turn from online game mocking to online game warrior. Queen Penelope to be exact.

Penny becomes completely obsessed with Age of Cohnen and it takes over her life as well as Sheldon’s as he is constantly pestered for help. It’s so funny to see the annoyance roles reversed.

Sheldon attempts to get Penny back to normality by finding her a mate but inadvertently asks a man out for himself. (That scene is great!)

3. The Maternal Congruence

The Maternal CongruenceSeason 3: Episode 11 – We are in the top three! Any I only need to say two words for why this episode is in the top three: ‘Leonard’s Mother’. That is all.

The resemblance to Sheldon and how they work as a double act make Leonard’s Mother an epic character. Apart from her ever present disappointment in Leonard she attempts to identify Howard and Raj’s ‘latent homosexual feelings towards one another’.

The episode switches however when Penny and Leonard’s Mother go out drinking which ends in an extremely painful kiss between her and Sheldon!

2. The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition 2Season 5: Episode 10 – The biggest leap forward for Sheldon ever in an episode of The Big Bang Theory while also one of the most touching and funny. The recipe for a perfect episode I’d say!

In The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition Sheldon is put in a difficult situation where he must choose between asking Amy out to become his girlfriend of possibly lose her forever after Stewart asks Amy out on a date. It really is touching to see how much Sheldon truly cares for Amy in his own weird way.

The scene eventually comes along where the ‘Will you go out with me?’ question is finally popped by Sheldon but in a rather different way: ‘I believe I would like to alter the paradigm of our relationship. With the understanding that nothing changes whatsoever, physical or otherwise… I would not object to no longer characterising you as ‘not my girlfriend’.’

1. The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification 4Season 4: Episode 2 – This episode is just hilarious from start to finish and the whole concept of Sheldon as a ‘mobile virtual presence device’ is brilliant. After Sheldon suffers from an extreme gas after announcing that Thursday would now be ‘Cruciferous Vegetable Night’.

When Cruciferous Vegatable Night fails Sheldon goes jogging with Penny and realises that his body is ‘Too fragile to endure the vicissitudes of the world’ and the MVPD (Mobile Virtual Presence Device) is formed. Hilarity ensues.

The scene where Sheldon in his virtual form in the car with Leonard on the way to work is my funniest all time Big Bang Theory moment as the annoyance of Sheldon is just off the chart.

A star appearance from Steve Wozniack is the icing on the top of the cake with this episode.