The Worst TV Shows from 1981

Here is our list of the ten worst TV shows which first aired in 1981. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The%20Hitchhiker%27s%20Guide%20to%20the%20GalaxyFirst Aired: 05 January, 1981

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a TV series starring Simon Jones, David Dixon, and Peter Jones. Arthur Dent and his friend Ford Prefect escape the destruction of Earth only to face incredible trials, tribulations and…

9. Only Fools and Horses….

Only%20Fools%20and%20Horses....First Aired: 08 September, 1981

Only Fools and Horses…. is a TV series starring David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, and Roger Lloyd Pack. Comedy that follows two brothers from London’s rough Peckham estate as they wheel and deal through a number of dodgy deals and…

8. Danger Mouse

Danger%20MouseFirst Aired: 28 September, 1981

Danger Mouse is a TV series starring David Jason, Terry Scott, and Edward Kelsey. Danger Mouse, the greatest secret agent in the world, must follow Colonel K’s orders (and try not to break Professor Squawkencluck’s inventions) to…

7. The Greatest American Hero

The%20Greatest%20American%20HeroFirst Aired: 18 March, 1981

The Greatest American Hero is a TV series starring William Katt, Connie Sellecca, and Robert Culp. A teacher is asked to be a superhero using a special alien suit with powers he can barely understand or control.

6. Simon & Simon

Simon%20%26%20SimonFirst Aired: 24 November, 1981

Simon & Simon is a TV series starring Jameson Parker, Gerald McRaney, and Mary Carver. Two brothers of disparate tastes and manners run a private detective agency.

5. The Fall Guy

The%20Fall%20GuyFirst Aired: 04 November, 1981

The Fall Guy is a TV series starring Lee Majors, Douglas Barr, and Heather Thomas. The adventures of a film stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow.

4. Cagney & Lacey

Cagney%20%26%20LaceyFirst Aired: 08 October, 1981

Cagney & Lacey is a TV series starring Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless, and Al Waxman. Two female police detectives cooperate with each other both in their professions and in their personal lives.

3. Smurfs

SmurfsFirst Aired: 12 September, 1981

Smurfs is a TV series starring Don Messick, Danny Goldman, and Lucille Bliss. The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest inhabited mainly by their own kind. The smurfs average daily routine is…

2. Falcon Crest

Falcon%20CrestFirst Aired: 04 December, 1981

Falcon Crest is a TV series starring Jane Wyman, Lorenzo Lamas, and Chao Li Chi. Set in the vineyards of California, this primetime soap opera featured the conflict within the powerful Gioberti family, owners of the vast Falcon…

1. Dynasty

DynastyFirst Aired: 12 January, 1981

Dynasty is a TV series starring John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins. The trials and tribulations of two feuding families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, both oil rich families in Denver, Colorado.