The Worst TV Shows from 1974

Here is our list of the ten worst TV shows which first aired in 1974. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Barney Miller

Barney%20MillerFirst Aired: 22 August, 1974

Barney Miller is a TV series starring Hal Linden, Abe Vigoda, and Max Gail. The Captain of the NYPD 12th Precinct and his staff handle the various local troubles and characters that come into the squad room.

9. Porridge

PorridgeFirst Aired: 05 September, 1974

Porridge is a TV series starring Ronnie Barker, Brian Wilde, and Fulton Mackay. The prison life of Fletcher, a criminal serving a five-year sentence, as he strives to bide his time, keep his record clean, and refuses to be ground…

8. The Rockford Files

The%20Rockford%20FilesFirst Aired: 27 March, 1974

The Rockford Files is a TV series starring James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., and Joe Santos. The cases of an easy going ex-convict turned private investigator.

7. Arupusu no shôjo Haiji

Arupusu%20no%20sh%C3%B4jo%20HaijiFirst Aired: 06 January, 1974

Arupusu no shôjo Haiji is a TV series starring Randi Kiger, Vic Perrin, and Kazuko Sugiyama. This animation series follows the childhood “adventures” of a girl named Heidi, who lives with her grandfather somewhere on the Alps.

6. Planet of the Apes

Planet%20of%20the%20ApesFirst Aired: 13 September, 1974

Planet of the Apes is a TV series starring Roddy McDowall, Ron Harper, and James Naughton. Two astronauts and a sympathetic chimp friend are fugitives in a future Earth dominated by a civilization of humanoid apes.

5. Hong Kong Phooey

Hong%20Kong%20PhooeyFirst Aired: 07 September, 1974

Hong Kong Phooey is a TV series starring Scatman Crothers, Joe E. Ross, and Don Messick. A kung-fu-fighting pup and his snickering cat sidekick battle crime.

4. Good Times

Good%20TimesFirst Aired: 08 February, 1974

Good Times is a TV series starring Ja’net DuBois, Ralph Carter, and BernNadette Stanis. A poor family make the best of things in the Chicago housing projects.

3. The Six Million Dollar Man

The%20Six%20Million%20Dollar%20ManFirst Aired: 18 January, 1974

The Six Million Dollar Man is a TV series starring Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, and Martin E. Brooks. After a severely injured test pilot is rebuilt with nuclear-powered bionic limbs and implants, he serves as an intelligence agent.

2. Happy Days

Happy%20DaysFirst Aired: 15 January, 1974

Happy Days is a TV series starring Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, and Marion Ross. The Cunningham family live through the 1950s with help and guidance from the lovable and almost superhuman greaser, Fonzie.

1. Little House on the Prairie

Little%20House%20on%20the%20PrairieFirst Aired: 30 March, 1974

Little House on the Prairie is a TV series starring Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, and Karen Grassle. The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the nineteenth century American Midwest.