The Worst Romantic Series from 2004

Here is our list of the ten worst Romantic Series which first aired in 2004. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Doc Martin

Doc%20MartinFirst Aired: 01 January, 2004

Doc Martin is a TV series starring Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, and Ian McNeice. The trials and tribulations of Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes), a socially challenged doctor who moves from London to the picturesque village of…

9. Pool ha-woo-seu

Pool%20ha-woo-seuFirst Aired: 14 July, 2004

Pool ha-woo-seu is a TV series starring Hye-Kyo Song, Rain, and Eun-jeong Han. In a bid to reacquire her childhood home, a free-spirited woman agrees to a sham-marriage with a selfish actor. Their daily lives are complicated by…

8. Life as We Know It

Life%20as%20We%20Know%20ItFirst Aired: 07 October, 2004

Life as We Know It is a TV series starring Sean Faris, Jon Foster, and Chris Lowell. Life through the eyes of Dino Whitman (Faris), Jonathan Fields (Lowell) and Ben Connor (Foster), three hormone-charged teenage boys.

7. Rebelde

RebeldeFirst Aired: 04 October, 2004

Rebelde is a TV series starring Anahí, Dulce María, and Alfonso Herrera. Six teenagers with different lives and personalities attend a prominent private school with only one thing in common: their vocation and passion for music.

6. 6Teen

6TeenFirst Aired: 07 November, 2004

6Teen is a TV series starring Jess Mal Gibbons, Megan Fahlenbock, and Stacey DePass. Set in a giant shopping mall, this show follows the after-school lives of six sixteen year-old teenagers.

5. The L Word

The%20L%20WordFirst Aired: 18 January, 2004

The L Word is a TV series starring Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, and Laurel Holloman. Follows the lives and loves of a small, close-knit group of gay women living in Los Angeles as well as the friends and family members that either…

4. Hex

HexFirst Aired: 17 October, 2004

Hex is a TV series starring Jemima Rooper, Jamie Davis, and Amber Sainsbury. Cassie is a shy college girl who wants to be accepted by others, but is only truly loved by her best friend Thelma. Cassie later discovers that she…

3. King Solomon’s Mines

King%20Solomon%27s%20MinesFirst Aired: 06 June, 2004

King Solomon’s Mines is a TV mini-series starring Patrick Swayze, Alison Doody, and Roy Marsden. An adventurous quest for a treasure hidden in King Solomon’s mines, based on H. Rider Haggard’s timeless tale.

2. Desperate Housewives

Desperate%20HousewivesFirst Aired: 03 October, 2004

Desperate Housewives is a TV series starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross. Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor.

1. Joey

JoeyFirst Aired: 09 September, 2004

Joey is a TV series starring Matt LeBlanc, Paulo Costanzo, and Drea de Matteo. In this spin-off of Friends (1994), Joey Tribbiani moves to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.