The Worst Mystery Series from 2018

Here is our list of the ten worst Mystery Series which first aired in 2018. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Instinct

InstinctFirst Aired: 18 March, 2018

Instinct is a TV series starring Alan Cumming, Bojana Novakovic, and Daniel Ings. A former CIA operative (Cumming), who has since built a “normal” life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD…

9. The ABC Murders

The%20ABC%20MurdersFirst Aired: 26 December, 2018

The ABC Murders is a TV mini-series starring John Malkovich, Eamon Farren, and Michael Shaeffer. In 1933, retired detective Hercule Poirot is targeted by a taunting killer who sends letters signed “ABC”, which Poirot must decode in…

8. Requiem

RequiemFirst Aired: 02 February, 2018

Requiem is a TV mini-series starring Lydia Wilson, James Frecheville, and Sian Reese-Williams. When her mother commits suicide, a cellist’s life is turned upside down by mysterious questions raised about her past.

7. Kiss Me First

Kiss%20Me%20FirstFirst Aired: 02 April, 2018

Kiss Me First is a TV mini-series starring Tallulah Haddon, Simona Brown, and Matthew Beard. A lonely video game addict new to the online world of Azana meets a confident party girl with a dark secret.

6. Into the Dark

Into%20the%20DarkFirst Aired: 05 October, 2018

Into the Dark is a TV series starring Aurora Perrineau, Diane Sellers, and Dylan Arnold. A horror anthology series with each episode inspired by a holiday.

5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling%20Adventures%20of%20SabrinaFirst Aired: 26 October, 2018

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a TV series starring Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, and Lucy Davis. As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends. Based on…

4. The Innocents

The%20InnocentsFirst Aired: 24 August, 2018

The Innocents is a TV series starring Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, and Guy Pearce. When teenagers Harry and June run away from their repressive families to be together, they’re derailed by an extraordinary discovery – June’s…

3. Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic%20at%20Hanging%20RockFirst Aired: 06 May, 2018

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a TV mini-series starring Natalie Dormer, Lily Sullivan, and Lola Bessis. Three schoolgirls and their governesses mysteriously disappear on Valentines Day in 1900.

2. Lost in Space

Lost%20in%20SpaceFirst Aired: 13 April, 2018

Lost in Space is a TV series starring Maxwell Jenkins, Molly Parker, and Toby Stephens. After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they’re surrounded by hidden…

1. Nightflyers

NightflyersFirst Aired: 02 December, 2018

Nightflyers is a TV series starring Eoin Macken, David Ajala, and Jodie Turner-Smith. A crew of scientists embark on a mission aboard a ship called the Nightflyer to investigate a mysterious alien signal, but soon begin to question…