The Worst Laugh Out Loud TV Shows from 2003

Here is our list of the ten worst Laugh Out Loud TV Shows which first aired in 2003. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Tremors

TremorsFirst Aired: 28 March, 2003

Tremors is a TV series starring Victor Browne, Gladise Jiminez, and Marcia Strassman. Small town notices weird deaths in the desert. There are giant worms under the sand. They can hear the location of people through the vibration of…

9. Hayat bilgisi

Hayat%20bilgisiFirst Aired: 15 September, 2003

Hayat bilgisi is a TV series starring Perran Kutman, Tarik Pabuccuoglu, and Gökçe Bahadir. Centered around a life science class teacher, “Afet Hoca”, the humorous and genuine story of high-school students in Ridvan Kanat High School.

8. That’s So Raven

That%27s%20So%20RavenFirst Aired: 17 January, 2003

That’s So Raven is a TV series starring Raven-Symoné, Orlando Brown, and Anneliese van der Pol. A teenage girl periodically receives brief psychic visions of the near future. Trying to make these visions come true results in…

7. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy%20Kimmel%20Live%21First Aired: 26 January, 2003

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a TV series starring Jimmy Kimmel, Cleto and the Cletones, and Guillermo Rodriguez. Jimmy Kimmel interviews celebrities.

6. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Extreme%20Makeover%3A%20Home%20EditionFirst Aired: 03 December, 2003

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a TV series starring Ty Pennington, Paul DiMeo, and Michael Moloney. A family that has faced hardship has their dilapidated house completely rebuilt while they are away on vacation for a week.

5. Sonic X

Sonic%20XFirst Aired: 06 April, 2003

Sonic X is a TV series starring Gabriella Lewis, Jun’ichi Kanemaru, and Sanae Kobayashi. A slight malfunction causes Chaos Control, and sends Sonic the Hedgehog to Earth. While there, Sonic meets Chris Thorndyke, who aids at…

4. Punk’d

Punk%27dFirst Aired: 17 March, 2003

Punk’d is a TV series starring Ashton Kutcher, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Santino. A Hidden Camera Show similar to Candid Camera but famous celebrities are the victims. Each week Ashton and his crew of pranksters play a joke on…

3. Hope & Faith

Hope%20%26%20FaithFirst Aired: 26 September, 2003

Hope & Faith is a TV series starring Faith Ford, Kelly Ripa, and Macey Cruthird. Hope, a down-to-earth, happily married mom of three in Glen Falls, Ohio, had her tidy world up-ended by the arrival of her celebrity sister, Faith….

2. Two and a Half Men

Two%20and%20a%20Half%20MenFirst Aired: 22 September, 2003

Two and a Half Men is a TV series starring Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher, and Angus T. Jones. A hedonistic jingle writer’s free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt halt when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move into his beach-front…

1. The Simple Life

The%20Simple%20LifeFirst Aired: 02 December, 2003

The Simple Life is a TV series starring Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and James DuMont. Paris and Nicole accept various internships along the east coast. Hilarity ensues as the girls leave their limos behind, and travel by Greyhound…