The Worst Laugh Out Loud TV Shows from 1995

Here is our list of the ten worst Laugh Out Loud TV Shows which first aired in 1995. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Father Ted

Father%20TedFirst Aired: 21 April, 1995

Father Ted is a TV series starring Dermot Morgan, Ardal O’Hanlon, and Frank Kelly. Three misfit priests and their housekeeper live on Craggy Island, not the peaceful and quiet part of Ireland that it seems to be.

9. Unhappily Ever After

Unhappily%20Ever%20AfterFirst Aired: 11 January, 1995

Unhappily Ever After is a TV series starring Geoff Pierson, Kevin Connolly, and Nikki Cox. A not-so-happy family is divided further when the father gets a schizophrenic disorder.

8. Sailor Moon

Sailor%20MoonFirst Aired: 28 August, 1995

Sailor Moon is a TV series starring Susan Roman, Jill Frappier, and Katie Griffin. The magical action-adventures of a teenage girl who learns of her destiny as the legendary warrior Sailor Moon and must band together with the other…

7. Cybill

CybillFirst Aired: 02 January, 1995

Cybill is a TV series starring Cybill Shepherd, Christine Baranski, and Alicia Witt. A struggling, middle-aged actress attempts to make a career for herself, all while surrounded by her hard-drinking best friend Maryann, her 2…

6. MADtv

MADtvFirst Aired: 14 October, 1995

MADtv is a TV series starring Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson, and Aries Spears. A sketch comedy show based on the seminal Mad Magazine.

5. Timon & Pumbaa

Timon%20%26%20PumbaaFirst Aired: 08 September, 1995

Timon & Pumbaa is a TV series starring Ernie Sabella, Kevin Schon, and Jim Cummings. The further misadventures of the lovable warthog Pumbaa and his meerkat buddy Timon from The Lion King (1994).

4. Caroline in the City

Caroline%20in%20the%20CityFirst Aired: 21 September, 1995

Caroline in the City is a TV series starring Lea Thompson, Malcolm Gets, and Amy Pietz. Caroline Duffy is a successful cartoonist living in Manhattan whose comic strip “Caroline in the City” has become a huge hit. The strip is based…

3. The Mask

The%20MaskFirst Aired: 26 August, 1995

The Mask is a TV series starring Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker, and Jim Cummings. The further adventures of Stanley Ipkiss (Rob Paulsen) and his magic reality defying mask.

2. Pinky and the Brain

Pinky%20and%20the%20BrainFirst Aired: 09 September, 1995

Pinky and the Brain is a TV series starring Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen, and Tress MacNeille. A genius mouse and his stupid sidekick try to conquer the world each night.

1. The Drew Carey Show

The%20Drew%20Carey%20ShowFirst Aired: 13 September, 1995

The Drew Carey Show is a TV series starring Drew Carey, Diedrich Bader, and Kathy Kinney. A sitcom about Drew’s personal and professional life.