The Worst Family TV Shows from 2009

Here is our list of the ten worst Family TV Shows which first aired in 2009. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. K-On!

K-On%21First Aired: 02 April, 2009

K-On! is a TV series starring Aki Toyosaki, YĆ“ko Hikasa, and Satomi Sato. K-ON is about 5 high school girls who become friends through the Light Music Club. Yui the lead guitarist, Tsumugi the keyboardist, Mio the bassist, Azusa the…

9. Shark Tank

Shark%20TankFirst Aired: 08 August, 2009

Shark Tank is a TV series starring Kevin O’Leary, Phil Crowley, and Robert Herjavec. Ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts.

8. Assassin’s Creed: Lineage

Assassin%27s%20Creed%3A%20LineageFirst Aired: 26 October, 2009

Assassin’s Creed: Lineage is a TV mini-series starring Romano Orzari, Manuel Tadros, and Jesse Rath. The story is a prequel to the video game Assassin’s Creed II. It centers around the father of the game’s main character, Ezio…

7. Cake Boss

Cake%20BossFirst Aired: 19 April, 2009

Cake Boss is a TV series starring Buddy Valastro, Mauro Castano, and Danny Dragone. The staff of Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, led by Buddy Valastro, shows how it prepares elaborate themed cakes for various occasions. Each…

6. Regular Show

Regular%20ShowFirst Aired: 14 August, 2009

Regular Show is a TV series starring J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, and Sam Marin. The daily surreal adventures of a blue jay and raccoon duo that attempt to deal with their mundane jobs as groundskeepers at the local park.

5. Zeke and Luther

Zeke%20and%20LutherFirst Aired: 15 June, 2009

Zeke and Luther is a TV series starring Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks, and Daniel Curtis Lee. Two best friends set their sights on becoming the world’s greatest skateboarders.

4. Big Time Rush

Big%20Time%20RushFirst Aired: 28 November, 2009

Big Time Rush is a TV series starring Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos PenaVega. Four hockey players from Minnesota aspire to become a boyband. Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James embark on a life-changing journey and face…

3. Sonny with a Chance

Sonny%20with%20a%20ChanceFirst Aired: 08 February, 2009

Sonny with a Chance is a TV series starring Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, and Sterling Knight. Sonny, a talented Midwestern girl, has won a nationwide talent search to move to Los Angeles and star in a popular television series….

2. Jonas

JonasFirst Aired: 02 May, 2009

Jonas is a TV series starring Kevin Jonas, Chelsea Kane, and Nicole Gale Anderson. The show follows the Jonas Brothers through fun and unusual situations as they try to live ordinary lives.

1. Fanboy & Chum Chum

Fanboy%20%26%20Chum%20ChumFirst Aired: 12 October, 2009

Fanboy & Chum Chum is a TV series starring David Hornsby, Nika Futterman, and Jeff Bennett. This show is based around two children that dress up as superhero-themed people and go around creating havoc wherever they go, but in the…