The Worst Dramas from 1999

Here is our list of the ten worst Dramas which first aired in 1999. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Roswell

RoswellFirst Aired: 04 October, 1999

Roswell is a TV series starring Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, and Katherine Heigl. The lives of three young alien/human hybrids with extraordinary gifts in Roswell.

9. Storm of the Century

Storm%20of%20the%20CenturyFirst Aired: 14 February, 1999

Storm of the Century is a TV mini-series starring Becky Ann Baker, Kathleen Chalfant, and Adam Zolotin. A dangerous blizzard hits an isolated town and brings along a mysterious stranger intent on terrorizing people for his own…

8. Judging Amy

Judging%20AmyFirst Aired: 19 September, 1999

Judging Amy is a TV series starring Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly, and Karle Warren. A family drama focused on three generations of women living together in Hartford, Connecticut.

7. Crusade

CrusadeFirst Aired: 09 June, 1999

Crusade is a TV series starring Gary Cole, Tracy Scoggins, and Daniel Dae Kim. Set right after the events of Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999), a team of soldiers and scientists led by Capt. Matthew Gideon have five years to find a…

6. Cleopatra

CleopatraFirst Aired: 23 May, 1999

Cleopatra is a TV mini-series starring Nadim Sawalha, Owen Teale, and Philip Quast. Princess Cleopatra becomes Egypt’s Queen and has an out-of-wedlock son with the son-less Roman ruler Julius Ceasar. Through two romances, she…

5. Joan of Arc

Joan%20of%20ArcFirst Aired: 16 May, 1999

Joan of Arc is a TV mini-series starring Leelee Sobieski, Chad Willett, and Peter O’Toole. Spurred by divine voices and visions, fifteenth century teen Joan d’Arc leads French forces against the English.

4. Yilan Hikayesi

Yilan%20HikayesiFirst Aired: 01 January, 0001

Yilan Hikayesi is a TV series starring Memet Ali Alabora, Ayten Gökçer, and Nail Kirmizigül. Zeyno, who escapes from her village, meets with Memoli and they adventure.

3. Dragon Tales

Dragon%20TalesFirst Aired: 06 September, 1999

Dragon Tales is a TV series starring Andrea Libman, Danny McKinnon, and Ty Olsson. Two children find a dragonscale, and have fun socializing with dragons.

2. Jesus

JesusFirst Aired: 05 December, 1999

Jesus is a TV mini-series starring Jeremy Sisto, Debra Messing, and Jacqueline Bisset. A movie about the life, work and death of Jesus as we know it from the Bible.

1. Passions

PassionsFirst Aired: 05 July, 1999

Passions is a TV series starring Lindsay Hartley, McKenzie Westmore, and Galen Gering. In the world of power and money, the wealthy and powerful Crane family rule the town of Harmony from their mansion on Raven Hill.