The Worst Dramas from 1995

Here is our list of the ten worst Dramas which first aired in 1995. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Joseph

JosephFirst Aired: 10 April, 1995

Joseph is a TV mini-series starring Ben Kingsley, Paul Mercurio, and Martin Landau. The Biblical story of Joseph, who was sold to slavery by his brothers who were jealous of his prophetic abilities to analyze dreams and of his being…

9. Space: Above and Beyond

Space%3A%20Above%20and%20BeyondFirst Aired: 24 September, 1995

Space: Above and Beyond is a TV series starring Morgan Weisser, Kristen Cloke, and Rodney Rowland. The Earth is embroiled in a desperate war against alien invaders, and this series focuses on one squadron of Marine pilots involved…

8. The Outer Limits

The%20Outer%20LimitsFirst Aired: 26 March, 1995

The Outer Limits is a TV series starring Kevin Conway, Alex Diakun, and Eric Schneider. A modern revival of the classic science fiction horror anthology show The Outer Limits (1963). Episodes often have twist-endings and involve…

7. Pride and Prejudice

Pride%20and%20PrejudiceFirst Aired: 24 September, 1995

Pride and Prejudice is a TV mini-series starring Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, and Susannah Harker. While the arrival of wealthy gentlemen sends her marriage-minded mother into a frenzy, willful and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet…

6. Shin seiki evangerion

Shin%20seiki%20evangerionFirst Aired: 04 October, 1995

Shin seiki evangerion is a TV series starring Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, and Kotono Mitsuishi. A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father.

5. The Drew Carey Show

The%20Drew%20Carey%20ShowFirst Aired: 13 September, 1995

The Drew Carey Show is a TV series starring Drew Carey, Diedrich Bader, and Kathy Kinney. A sitcom about Drew’s personal and professional life.

4. JAG

JAGFirst Aired: 23 September, 1995

JAG is a TV series starring David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, and Patrick Labyorteaux. The cases of Harmon Rabb, former Navy fighter pilot, and his fellow lawyers of the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s office.

3. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules%3A%20The%20Legendary%20JourneysFirst Aired: 16 January, 1995

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a TV series starring Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, and Kevin Smith. Hercules, aided by his best friend Iolaus, goes on many adventures helping people and slaying mythical monsters using his half-god…

2. Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena%3A%20Warrior%20PrincessFirst Aired: 04 September, 1995

Xena: Warrior Princess is a TV series starring Lucy Lawless, RenĂ©e O’Connor, and Ted Raimi. Xena, a mighty Warrior Princess with a dark past, sets out to redeem herself. She is joined by small town bard, Gabrielle. Together they…

1. Hollyoaks

HollyoaksFirst Aired: 23 October, 1995

Hollyoaks is a TV series starring Nick Pickard, Ashley Taylor Dawson, and Kieron Richardson. Hollyoaks takes a look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE’s,…