The Worst Animation/Cartoon Series from 2011

Here is our list of the ten worst Animation/Cartoon Series which first aired in 2011. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. The Amazing World of Gumball

The%20Amazing%20World%20of%20GumballFirst Aired: 02 May, 2011

The Amazing World of Gumball is a TV series starring Dan Russell, Teresa Gallagher, and Kerry Shale. The life of a twelve-year-old boy who happens to be a blue cat as he lives with his family and other strange creatures.

9. Ao no ekusoshisuto

Ao%20no%20ekusoshisutoFirst Aired: 17 April, 2011

Ao no ekusoshisuto is a TV series starring Nobuhiko Okamoto, Bryce Papenbrook, and Jun Fukuyama. After discovering that he’s the son of Satan, a young man must join the True Cross Academy in order to master his abilities and defeat…

8. Mirai nikki

Mirai%20nikkiFirst Aired: 09 October, 2011

Mirai nikki is a TV series starring Josh Grelle, Brina Palencia, and Leah Clark. A young man competes with people around the world for a chance to become the succesor of God, with a diary that is able to tell the future.

7. Giruti kuraun: Guilty Crown

Giruti%20kuraun%3A%20Guilty%20CrownFirst Aired: 13 October, 2011

Giruti kuraun: Guilty Crown is a TV series starring Y√Ľki Kaji, Ai Kayano, and Kana Hanazawa. After the outbreak of the unidentified virus “Lost Christmas” in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multi-nation organization…

6. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Ninjago%3A%20Masters%20of%20SpinjitzuFirst Aired: 23 January, 2011

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a TV series starring Michael Adamthwaite, Kelly Metzger, and Kirby Morrow. When the fate of their world, Ninjago, is challenged by great threats, it’s up to the ninja: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd and…

5. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Kung%20Fu%20Panda%3A%20Legends%20of%20AwesomenessFirst Aired: 19 September, 2011

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is a TV series starring Mick Wingert, Kari Wahlgren, and Fred Tatasciore. The further adventures of Po the Dragon Warrior and his friends.

4. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman%20WonderlandFirst Aired: 16 April, 2011

Deadman Wonderland is a TV series starring Greg Ayres, Kana Hanazawa, and Romi Pak. After being falsely convicted for the murder of his entire class, a young man must learn to survive in a mysterious prison with a perverted take on…

3. The Looney Tunes Show

The%20Looney%20Tunes%20ShowFirst Aired: 03 May, 2011

The Looney Tunes Show is a TV series starring Jeff Bergman, Bob Bergen, and Fred Armisen. An updated iteration of the classic Looney Tunes characters focusing on their satirical misadventures living in suburbia.

2. Bob’s Burgers

Bob%27s%20BurgersFirst Aired: 09 January, 2011

Bob’s Burgers is a TV series starring H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, and Eugene Mirman. Bob Belcher runs his dream restaurant with his wife and three children as their last hope of holding the family together.

1. Allen Gregory

Allen%20GregoryFirst Aired: 30 October, 2011

Allen Gregory is a TV series starring Jonah Hill, Nat Faxon, and Will Forte. A pretentious seven-year-old attempts to attend regular grade school after his family goes through hard times.