The Worst Action Shows from 2015

Here is our list of the ten worst Action Shows which first aired in 2015. Let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Blindspot

BlindspotFirst Aired: 21 September, 2015

Blindspot is a TV series starring Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, and Audrey Esparza. Jane Doe is found in Times Square with no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body.

9. Powers

PowersFirst Aired: 10 March, 2015

Powers is a TV series starring Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, and Noah Taylor. Set in a world where humans and super heroes co-exist, a homicide detective, who had his own powers taken from him, investigates crimes involving…

8. Jessica Jones

Jessica%20JonesFirst Aired: 20 November, 2015

Jessica Jones is a TV series starring Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, and Eka Darville. Following the tragic end of her brief superhero career, Jessica Jones tries to rebuild her life as a private investigator, dealing with cases…

7. K.C. Undercover

K.C.%20UndercoverFirst Aired: 18 January, 2015

K.C. Undercover is a TV series starring Zendaya, Veronica Dunne, and Kamil McFadden. An outspoken and confident technology wiz and skilled black belt discovers that both her parents are spies and expect her to follow in their…

6. Agent X

Agent%20XFirst Aired: 08 November, 2015

Agent X is a TV series starring Sharon Stone, Gerald McRaney, and Jeff Hephner. Hidden from the view of the public – and even from the President – there is a top secret agent who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the…

5. The Bastard Executioner

The%20Bastard%20ExecutionerFirst Aired: 15 September, 2015

The Bastard Executioner is a TV mini-series starring Lee Jones, Katey Sagal, and Flora Spencer-Longhurst. In the early 14th century, several oppressed Welsh commoners unite to take revenge on the ruthless nobility.

4. Minority Report

Minority%20ReportFirst Aired: 21 September, 2015

Minority Report is a TV mini-series starring Meagan Good, Stark Sands, and Nick Zano. 10 years after the end of Precrime in Washington DC one of the three PreCogs attempts to lead on a normal life while still suffering from visions…

3. Halo: The Fall of Reach

Halo%3A%20The%20Fall%20of%20ReachFirst Aired: 27 October, 2015

Halo: The Fall of Reach is a TV mini-series starring Jen Taylor, Steve Downes, and Michelle Lukes. Animated series adapted from the original book, Halo: The Fall of Reach. It’s an explanation and backstory of the shaping and…

2. Supergirl

SupergirlFirst Aired: 26 October, 2015

Supergirl is a TV series starring Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, and David Harewood. The adventures of Superman’s cousin in her own superhero career.

1. Star Trek: Renegades

Star%20Trek%3A%20RenegadesFirst Aired: 01 August, 2015

Star Trek: Renegades is a TV series starring Walter Koenig, Adrienne Wilkinson, and Manu Intiraymi. Set a decade after the U.S.S Voyager’s return to Earth, a rag-tag crew of renegades and outcasts must covertly work with Admiral…