The Best TV Shows from 1985

Below is our top ten list of the best TV shows which first started broadcasting in 1985.

10. MacGyver

MacGyverFirst Aired: 29 September, 1985

MacGyver is a TV series starring Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, and Bruce McGill. The adventures of a secret Agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.

9. The Golden Girls

The%20Golden%20GirlsFirst Aired: 14 September, 1985

The Golden Girls is a TV series starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan. Four previously married women live together in Miami, sharing their various experiences together and enjoying themselves despite hard times.

8. Growing Pains

Growing%20PainsFirst Aired: 24 September, 1985

Growing Pains is a TV series starring Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, and Kirk Cameron. The misadventures of a family with a home business father and a journalist mother.

7. Moonlighting

MoonlightingFirst Aired: 03 March, 1985

Moonlighting is a TV series starring Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, and Allyce Beasley. The quirky cases of a former model and a smart aleck detective who manage a private detective agency.

6. Thundercats

ThundercatsFirst Aired: 23 January, 1985

Thundercats is a TV series starring Bob McFadden, Larry Kenney, and Earl Hammond. A team of humanoid cats fight evil in their adopted home world.

5. The Twilight Zone

The%20Twilight%20ZoneFirst Aired: 27 September, 1985

The Twilight Zone is a TV series starring Robin Ward, Charles Aidman, and Richard Mulligan. A collection of tales which range from comic to tragic, but often have a wicked sense of humor and an unexpected twist.

4. Anne of Green Gables

Anne%20of%20Green%20GablesFirst Aired: 01 December, 1985

Anne of Green Gables is a TV mini-series starring Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, and Richard Farnsworth. An orphan girl, sent to an elderly brother and sister by mistake, charms her new home and community with her fiery spirit and…

3. Das Boot

Das%20BootFirst Aired: 24 February, 1985

Das Boot is a TV mini-series starring Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, and Klaus Wennemann. A World War II German U-Boat crew have a terrifying patrol mission in the early days of the war.

2. The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour

The%20Bugs%20Bunny/Looney%20Tunes%20Comedy%20HourFirst Aired: 07 September, 1985

The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour is a TV series starring Mel Blanc and June Foray. A Saturday morning series, collecting of some of the most popular classic cartoons from the Looney Tunes catalogue.

1. North and South

North%20and%20SouthFirst Aired: 03 November, 1985

North and South is a TV mini-series starring Kirstie Alley, Georg Stanford Brown, and David Carradine. Two friends, one northern and one southern, struggle to maintain their friendship as events build towards the American Civil War.