The Best TV Shows from 1984

Below is our top ten list of the best TV shows which first started broadcasting in 1984.

10. The Cosby Show

The%20Cosby%20ShowFirst Aired: 20 September, 1984

The Cosby Show is a TV series starring Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, and Keshia Knight Pulliam. The goings-on in the life of a successful African-American family.

9. Murder, She Wrote

Murder%2C%20She%20WroteFirst Aired: 30 September, 1984

Murder, She Wrote is a TV series starring Angela Lansbury, William Windom, and Ron Masak. Professional writer and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher uses her intellect, charm, and persistence to get to the bottom of every crime she…

8. Miami Vice

Miami%20ViceFirst Aired: 16 September, 1984

Miami Vice is a TV series starring Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, and Saundra Santiago. Resplendent with authentic 1980’s music, fashion and vibe, “Miami Vice” follows two undercover detectives and their extended team through…

7. Who’s the Boss?

Who%27s%20the%20Boss%3FFirst Aired: 20 September, 1984

Who’s the Boss? is a TV series starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, and Alyssa Milano. Tony Micelli, a retired baseball player, becomes the housekeeper of Angela Bower, an advertising executive in New York. Together they raise their…

6. Airwolf

AirwolfFirst Aired: 22 January, 1984

Airwolf is a TV series starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, and Ernest Borgnine. As part of a deal with an intelligence agency to look for his missing brother, a renegade pilot goes on missions with an advanced battle helicopter.

5. Transformers

TransformersFirst Aired: 17 September, 1984

Transformers is a TV series starring Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, and Corey Burton. Two opposing factions of transforming alien robots engage in a battle that has the fate of Earth in the balance.

4. V

VFirst Aired: 07 October, 1984

V is a TV series starring Marc Singer, Faye Grant, and Michael Ironside. A year after Liberation Day, courtesy of the red-dust bacteria, the humanoid, lizard-like aliens develop a resistance to the micro-organism and try to regain…

3. Night Court

Night%20CourtFirst Aired: 04 January, 1984

Night Court is a TV series starring Harry Anderson, John Larroquette, and Richard Moll. An eccentric fun-loving judge presides over an urban night court and all the silliness going on there.

2. V: The Final Battle

V%3A%20The%20Final%20BattleFirst Aired: 06 May, 1984

V: The Final Battle is a TV mini-series starring Jane Badler, Michael Durrell, and Robert Englund. A small group of human resistance fighters fight a desperate guerilla war against the genocidal extra-terrestrials who dominate Earth.

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The%20Adventures%20of%20Sherlock%20HolmesFirst Aired: 24 April, 1984

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a TV series starring Jeremy Brett, David Burke, and Rosalie Williams. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson solve the mysteries of copper beeches, a Greek interpreter, the Norwood builder, a resident…