The Best Fantasy TV Shows from 2004

Below is our top ten list of the best Fantasy TV Shows which first started broadcasting in 2004.

10. Lost

LostFirst Aired: 22 September, 2004

Lost is a TV series starring Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, and Yunjin Kim. The survivors of a plane crash are forced to work together in order to survive on a seemingly deserted tropical island.

9. Kingdom Hospital

Kingdom%20HospitalFirst Aired: 03 March, 2004

Kingdom Hospital is a TV series starring Jamie Harrold, Diane Ladd, and Bruce Davison. Stephen King’s take on the masterpiece series by Lars von Trier. A great disaster threatens a haunted hospital in Lewiston, Maine, built on the…

8. Danny Phantom

Danny%20PhantomFirst Aired: 03 April, 2004

Danny Phantom is a TV series starring David Kaufman, Grey Griffin, and Rickey D’Shon Collins. A 14-year-old receives ghost powers and uses them to save the world

7. Gantz

GantzFirst Aired: 12 April, 2004

Gantz is a TV series starring Chris Ayres, Emily Carter-Essex, and Shannon Emerick. A group of people are resurrected from their deaths by a mysterious black ball called GANTZ to combat alien criminals hiding on Earth.

6. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster%27s%20Home%20for%20Imaginary%20FriendsFirst Aired: 13 August, 2004

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is a TV series starring Keith Ferguson, Grey Griffin, and Candi Milo. A boy and his beloved imaginary friend are able to stay together at an orphanage of sorts for imaginary friends that children…

5. Bleach: Burîchi

Bleach%3A%20Bur%C3%AEchiFirst Aired: 05 October, 2004

Bleach: Burîchi is a TV series starring Johnny Yong Bosch, Michelle Ruff, and Stephanie Sheh. High school student Ichigo Kurosaki, who has the ability to see ghosts, gains soul reaper powers from Rukia Kuchiki and sets out to save…

4. Wonderfalls

WonderfallsFirst Aired: 12 March, 2004

Wonderfalls is a TV series starring Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Finneran, and Tyron Leitso. Jaye, 24 y.o. BA loner, lives in a trailer park and sells souvenirs in Niagara Falls. Animal figurines/dolls speak to her and force her to…

3. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Garth%20Marenghi%27s%20DarkplaceFirst Aired: 29 January, 2004

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a TV mini-series starring Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, and Matthew Holness. This parody series is an unearthed 80s horror/drama, complete with poor production values, awful dialogue and hilarious…

2. The Angry Video Game Nerd

The%20Angry%20Video%20Game%20NerdFirst Aired: 25 May, 2004

The Angry Video Game Nerd is a TV series starring James Rolfe, Mike Matei, and Kyle Justin. A foul-mouthed nerd reviews bad video games.

1. Justice League Unlimited

Justice%20League%20UnlimitedFirst Aired: 31 July, 2004

Justice League Unlimited is a TV series starring George Newbern, Kevin Conroy, and Phil LaMarr. A continuation of the Justice League animated series finds the original members of the team joined in their battle against crime and…