Ten Most Missed Characters on The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is the most popular cable series of all time.  A horror and a thriller about a post-apocalyptic world over run by zombies taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is based off a comic book series by the same name. The series centers on a former police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Who is both torn and strong, as he attempts to do all that is within his power to protect and lead his group of survivors in a very treacherous world.

10. Jacqui  

 jacquiwalkingdeadJacqui ( Jeryl Prescott) – If you can remember her she was a great and sweet character, but she did not have the strength to fight what was ahead so she opted to removing herself from the post-Apocalyptic world. She chose to die at her own hands as a opposed to the bite of the walkers. She is at the bottom because despite being a great character, who can remember her?

Moment of Departure: 1×6 “TS-19”
Method of Departure: Suicide by explosion.

9. Otis   

otiswalkingdeadOtis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) – Despite not being a major character on the show, whenever he was present he was to be admired for his courage. He went on a suicide mission to save Carl’s life. His life is sacrificed by Shane as a means to escape the walkers and save his own life.

Moment of Departure: 2×3 “Save the Last One”
Method of Departure: Shot by Shane and finished off by walkers.

8. Lori Grimes  

 lori-grimes-picutreLori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies)- Lori was a character that we all loved to hate putting her at the bottom of the list. She was the center of a love triangle between Rick and Shane, and the manner she chose to deal with the situation only fueled tensions between the two making her extremely unlikeable and annoying. Even though she sacrificed her life to save the life of her child she will be missed very little.

Moment of Departure: 3×4 “Killer Within”

Method of Departure: During labor it was a choice between her life and the baby’s. Maggie performed a C-section which saved the baby but killed Lori.

7. Andrea Harrison  

 CharactersTWDS3-AndreaAndrea Harrison (Laurie Holden) – Andrea is a brave, intelligent, and a very strong willed character. It was sort of a love and hate relationship with Andrea because she was relentlessly stubborn, and towards the end she could not see The Governor for who he was. Her relationship with Michonne and Dale made her more of a relatable character. She was able to overcome so much loss especially that of her sister and Dale. Her character left the show by sacrificing herself for the original group of survivors.

Moment of Departure: 3×16 “Welcome to the Tombs”

Method of Departure: Stabbed by The Governor, bitten by a zombie, and finally she decides to shoot herself.

6. The Governor  

 amc-the-walking-dead-1900-rgb1jpg-62b7a5218eb82e7bPhilipp Blake a.k.a The Governor (David Morrissey)  –  A truly great story illustrates the meanings of things through opposites and The Governor was undoubtedly Rick’s antithesis. By far The Governor is the most violent and ruthless character on the series. He was a Charles Manson with subtle signatures of Mr. Jekyll-and-Hyde dressed up as a zombie killer with a zombie daughter kept hidden away in a closet, and a fish tank filled with walker and human heads.  The Governor attempted to seek vindication, but in the end he could not win against his ruthless tyrant nature which ultimately led him to his demise.

Moment of Departure: 4×8 “ Too Far Gone”

Method of Departure: Michonne stabs him with her sword but leaves him to die in agony, but Lilly (a lover) finds him and shoots him in the head.

5. Merle Dixon 

 CharactersTWDS3-MerleMerle Dixon (Michael Rooker) –  We meet Merle in the second episode of the series we find him tied up on a rooftop and is later found by The Governor. From the very beginning we know that Merle is destined for disaster, but yet somehow he was able to cheat death several times. After the introduction of his character we do not see him again until Season 3 working with The Governor. He comes off as a very racist, misogynist, and violent man. He later on decides to join the others in the prison at this point his character takes a turn and he wishes for forgiveness from the group that he is wronged. His final act of redemption is letting Michonne go. Just when we start to become fond of him he is brutally murdered by The Governor.  

Moment of Departure: 3×15 “This Sorrowful Life”
Method of Departure: Bitten and shot by The Governor

4. T-Dog 

 CharactersTWDS3-T-DogTheodore Douglas a.k.a T-dog (IronE Singleton): T-Dog how could we forget him? Even though he wasn’t always a lead character with only a few lines he made sure that he always protected the group at any chance.It wasn’t until Season 3 that his character was finally fully developed at which point he became a more prominent leader of the group, and without effort he got along with just about everyone. Alas his death was not in vain and rather he died as a hero protecting Carol’s life.

Moment of Departure: 3×4 “Killer Within”
Method of Departure: Andrew lured walkers into the prison and was subsequently bitten in effort to protect Carolyn he sacrificed his life

3. Dale Horvath 

 2251396-daleDale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) –  Dale as Hershel provided a moral compass and a voice of reason for the group. Despite that fact at times his self-righteousness was hard to swallow his direction became appreciated as the series went on. He was able to see everyone for who they were, he was very insightful about the others. His honesty and bravery about how he felt was very admirable. Dale was a very deep, emotional, and passionate character he stood by what he believed was right. And even though the world that they once knew had died he would not allow his humanity to die with it. His death came as a shock and was felt with deep sadness.


Moment of Departure: 2×11 “Judge, Jury, Executioner”
Method of Departure: Stomach opened by a walker, and Daryl shoots him out of mercy

2. Hershel Greene 

 walking-dead-hershel-greene-wallpapers-6Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson)  –  Hershel was a farm owner and vet. He is missed deeply because he was a man of genuine heart and ethics, a true diplomat and advisor. His death will resonate with us as he demanded that you care and respect him. He stood and defended his moral code without hesitation leaving them uncompromised. Hershel saw the entire group as his own family. One cannot help but have a place for Hershel in their hearts.
Moment of Departure : 4×8 “ Too Far Gone”
Method of Departure: Decapitatedby The Governor

1. Shane Walsh 

 the-walking-dead-shane-mossberg-590Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) – Is most missed because as a character he inspired both love and hate from the audience. His intensity and madness would be very difficult to replace. He began as a protagonist and eventually became an antagonist by the second season. He was Rick’s best friend since high school, but after Rick was believed to be dead he began to develop a romantic relationship with Rick’s wife, Lori. Out of all the departed Shane’s story was the most compelling. Once Rick returned from the “dead” he continued his relationship with his wife, thus Shane’s relationship with her came to a sudden end. His relationship with Rick was neither easy nor amicable, but rather very intense and troubled. As they both competed for leadership over the group and for Lori’s affection which eventually led to his death.

Moment of Departure:  2×12 “Better Angels”
Method of Departure: Stabbed by Rick