Netflix or Blockbuster? The Ultimate Showdown

When someone wants to watch a movie but it’s already out of the theaters, most people would resort to buying it online, although not all people could afford such extravagance. Some would prefer to walk across the block for DVD rentals. Now that’s a cheap and easy way of getting the movies you like. When you think of DVD rentals, there are two companies which compete for the number 1 spot. You can pick either Netflix or Blockbuster. In this article, I would be comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

NetflixWhen it comes to Movies and TV shows online, Netflix is the king. Blockbuster does not offer online streaming over the internet. Meanwhile, Netflix has thousands of titles which you can watch anytime you want. They range from different genres. Although it may take some time for Netflix to upload new selections on their database, you can search through the list to watch older Movies. As of the moment, there are more than 3,000 online Movies and hundreds of TV shows that they offer. They even update their members when new ones come out.  No more waiting for the mailman to arrive. You can avail of this offer with only $7.99 a month. You would only need a device compatible with Netflix. As of now, there are many mobile phones and tablets which you can use to watch movies online.

With Netflix having such a huge catalogue of brilliant television shows, be sure to have a read of our best TV Shows on Netflix that you NEED to watch.

Netflix and Blockbuster both offer online DVD rentals. With just a click on your computer, you can avail of their monthly subscription. Netflix offers $7.99 for renting one DVD at a time, $9.99 for one DVD or Blu-Ray, $43.99 for eight DVDs and $52.99 if you also want Blu-Ray. Blockbuster on the other hand, offers $9.99 for one DVD/Blu-Ray/video game and $14.99 for two discs at a time. Netflix may win for the pricing but the other one offers more choices. If you do not play game consoles such as the PS3 or Xbox, you do not need an additional $2 to pay. You need to choose depending on your “needs” when it comes to this angle.

BlockbusterWhile it is true that both companies offer online DVD rentals, when you want to get the movie at an instant, you can directly go to any Blockbuster outlet scattered in your area to get it right away. Although, not every outlet can rent out DVDs. Netflix has yet to do the same.

Overall, if you do not worry about having the chance to rent video games, Netflix would be your choice. They have a larger choice of selections to rent. They also mail faster compared to Blockbuster. Within only 24 hours, you would be able to receive your movie right in your mailbox. The other company takes about 1-3 shipping days to get it. You can also forget the DVDs and Blu-Rays.  The winning factor really is that Netflix offers online movies which you watch anytime and anywhere you want. Not only that, you can also watch TV shows online if you missed your favorite soap.