Dope Dealer With a Heart in Breaking Bad

The tv series Breaking Bad is a breakout project for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The show starts out like any typical family drama. In the first few Breaking Bad episodes, the male breadwinner played by Bryan Cranston is presented as a family man holding decent but low-paying jobs – as Chemistry teacher and car wash cashier.  His wife is pregnant, his son has cerebral palsy, and he’s been diagnosed with cancer. Cash-strapped and not inclined to accept financial help from his graduate school colleague Elliott Schwartz and his wife (who’s his ex-love), he`forces’ student Jesse Pinkman to team up with him and they enter the methamphetamine drug trade.Say My Name

Some of the best Breaking Bad episodes unfold way before the main character Walter White’s  villainous streak is uncovered.  TV fans who had the opportunity to watch Breaking Bad may have noted that the show focused mostly on Bryan Cranston’s transformation and tragic life, but Aaron Paul had lots of scene-stealing moments. He’s actually a revelation, and his bad ass character is both repulsive and endearing. Viewers who watched the episode where he encounters and tries to protect the neglected child of the dope addicted couple who stole an ATM machine and brought it to their stinking home gravitated to and even rooted for Jesse Pinkman.

Thousands of viewers have witnessed the amusing verbal sparring and witty dialogues exchanged by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been amused no end and have become hooked to the AMC Breaking Bad tv series. It can be said that the show is as much Aaron Paul’s as it is Bryan Cranston’s. Aaron Paul is engaging as he switches from drama to comedy. Aaron showed natural acting as the younger, street-talking partner of Walter White who has brought the word “b****” to a new level. This isn’t the only quote though that truly stands out in the epic series, the writing behind it is truly phenomenal so make sure to check out the Best Quotes from Breaking Bad here. The actor wins over legions of viewers notwithstanding the dope-dealing ways of his character. Aaron Paul’s fans are actually quite relieved to see him successfully hurdling one challenge after another and not being taken down by the Drug Enforcement Administration in the show.

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Indeed, it is in the later episodes that Jesse Pinkman’s character unravels – when he emerges as the one with the moral center. It’s interesting to note that in real life, Aaron – the son of a retired minister – was active in church programs. Aaron Paul displayed a passion for acting at a young age. He followed the advice of his drama teacher to follow his dream to be an actor.  Aaron Paul first broke out in the American entertainment scene via catchy TV commercials that include Juicy Fruit. He starred in music videos and had a recurring role in “Big Love, an HBO series.

Armed with talent and determination, Aaron Paul went on to nab supporting roles in movies. He was part of the cast of the 2006 film, “Mission Impossible III.” Eventually, he clinched the role of Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad.”  Aaron Paul will next be seen as the lead in the movie, “Need for Speed,” and will play a role as a pizza delivery man in the star-studded movie adaptation of the Nick Hornby’s novel  “A Long Way Down.”