Best Episodes Of Wentworth

WentworthWentworth is a TV series starring Kate Atkinson, Katrina Milosevic, and Robbie Magasiva. Bea Smith is locked up while awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband and must learn how life works in prison.

Release Date: May 2013

10. Screw Lover

Wentworth Season 4 Episode 4Air Date: 31 May 2016
Season 4, Episode 4

Ferguson strengthens her alliance with Kaz by painting Will as an abuser and Bea as a ‘screw-lover’, while Maxine receives a devastating diagnosis.

9. The Enemy Within

Wentworth Season 8 Episode 10Air Date: 29 Sep. 2020
Season 8, Episode 10

Vera makes a dangerous plan to bring down Ferguson, while Lou is on the warpath and is out for blood, as Allie realises her time as Top Dog is running out and Linda threatens to sue the department.

8. The Governor’s Pleasure

Wentworth Season 3 Episode 1Air Date: 7 Apr. 2015
Season 3, Episode 1

Bea returns to Wentworth with a heavy charge over the murder of Braydon Holt, while Ferguson makes it clear that she owns Bea. Battle begins over the control of the prison.

7. Checkmate

Wentworth Season 1 Episode 10Air Date: 3 Jul. 2013
Season 1, Episode 10

The truth behind the riot is finally revealed and Bea confronts a killer leading to deadly consequences.

6. Bleed Out

Wentworth Season 6 Episode 3Air Date: 3 Jul. 2018
Season 6, Episode 3

After being shot Franky seeks Bridget’s help, but the police net is tightening. Meanwhile, Kaz faces her toughest challenge when she warns Hutch to stop fight club.

5. Fear Her

Wentworth Season 2 Episode 12Air Date: 5 Aug. 2014
Season 2, Episode 12

The extent of Bea’s plan is revealed as she makes the final moves to avenge Debbie’s death. Meanwhile Franky realises she is losing the support of the women and is forced to consider a deal.

4. Into the Night

Wentworth Season 2 Episode 11Air Date: 29 Jul. 2014
Season 2, Episode 11

As Bea and Franky go to war for control of the prison, Bea puts her daring plan in motion. Meanwhile, Fletch is on a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviour as his final day at Wentworth looms.

3. The Living and the Dead

Wentworth Season 3 Episode 11Air Date: 16 Jun. 2015
Season 3, Episode 11

When Bea uses her alliance with Fletch to drive a wedge between Vera and Ferguson, her actions set in motion an unstoppable chain of events.

2. Blood and Fire

Wentworth Season 3 Episode 12Air Date: 23 Jun. 2015
Season 3, Episode 12

The walls are closing in on Ferguson – who will survive the final showdown?

1. Under Siege Pt 2

Wentworth Season 7 Episode 10Air Date: 30 Jul. 2019
Season 7, Episode 10

The lives of officers and prisoners remain in the balance as the siege comes to a bloody end. With lives lost the prison will never be the same ever again.