Best Episodes Of The Shield

The ShieldThe Shield is a TV series starring Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, and Walton Goggins. Follows the lives and cases of a dirty Los Angeles Police Department cop and the unit under his command.

Release Date: March 2002

10. Chasing Ghosts

The Shield Season 6 Episode 6Air Date: 8 May 2007
Season 6, Episode 6

After Vic learns that Guardo wasn’t Lem’s killer, he begins to suspect that Shane could have been responsible. Meanwhile, Vic does a favor for a city official, hoping it will give him an ally in his quest to avoid early retirement.

9. Circles

The Shield Season 1 Episode 13Air Date: 4 Jun. 2002
Season 1, Episode 13

As cop killings strike Farmington, Aceveda is caught between two corrupt cops looking to save their own skins.

8. Animal Control

The Shield Season 7 Episode 6Air Date: 7 Oct. 2008
Season 7, Episode 6

Vic launches his latest plan to get rid of the Armenian threat. However, the main difference in this plan is that, if successful, it will get rid of Shane too. Meanwhile for Shane, a ghost from his past reemerges.

7. All In

The Shield Season 3 Episode 14Air Date: 8 Jun. 2004
Season 3, Episode 14

As the Strike Team is threatened with exposure in the money train heist, Claudette goes it alone in order to find evidence of a public defender’s drug addiction.

6. Dead Soldiers

The Shield Season 2 Episode 2Air Date: 14 Jan. 2003
Season 2, Episode 2

An arson attack on a local drug dealer threatens to expose Vic’s protection racket.

5. Parricide

The Shield Season 7 Episode 8Air Date: 21 Oct. 2008
Season 7, Episode 8

Shane’s plan to get rid of Vic and Ronnie falls apart and threatens to be exposed. Cruz Pezuela asks Vic to strong-arm a priest, while David Aceveda joins Vic in working with the feds to bring Pezuela down.

4. Postpartum

The Shield Season 5 Episode 11Air Date: 21 Mar. 2006
Season 5, Episode 11

Vic arranges to get Lem safely out of the country and set up a new life for him in Mexico.

3. Family Meeting

The Shield Season 7 Episode 13Air Date: 25 Nov. 2008
Season 7, Episode 13

As Vic hopes his immunity deal will help keep his family together, and Shane takes extreme measures to keep his pregnant wife from being charged with murder, Dutch finds he’s a suspect in the disappearance of a teenage serial killer’s mother.

2. Possible Kill Screen

The Shield Season 7 Episode 12Air Date: 18 Nov. 2008
Season 7, Episode 12

Mara breaks her collarbone and accidentally shoots and kills an innocent person when Shane’s plan to get more money goes sideways. Meanwhile, Vic contemplates leaving Ronnie out to dry and taking a deal with the Feds without him.

1. On Tilt

The Shield Season 3 Episode 15Air Date: 15 Jun. 2004
Season 3, Episode 15

As Vic goes after Margos, Claudette risks her career to see that an innocent man is freed from prison.