Best Episodes Of The Filthy Frank Show

The Filthy Frank ShowThe Filthy Frank Show is a TV series starring Joji, Artemis Holdenberry, and Zeeq. Filthy Frank and his disease ridden friends talk about various topics and take part in multiple life-threatening shenanigans.

Release Date: August 2011

10. Rock Paper Scissors…?

The Filthy Frank Show Season 3 Episode 30Air Date: 1 Jun. 2013
Season 3, Episode 30

Red Dick and Pink Guy face off in a rock paper scissors match.

9. Stfu

The Filthy Frank Show Season 6 Episode 14Air Date: 23 Sep. 2016
Season 6, Episode 14

Pink Guy goes on an adventure and dedicates it to everyone he knows.

8. Fried Noodles

The Filthy Frank Show Season 6 Episode 6Air Date: 8 May 2016
Season 6, Episode 6

Pink Guy raps while cooking some fried noodles.

7. Hitler’s Evil Son

The Filthy Frank Show Season 7 Episode 1Air Date: 3 Feb. 2017
Season 7, Episode 1

Hitler’s secret evil son is planning on going back in time, to stop the suicide of his father and take over the omniverse. However, Pink Guy and his trusty sidekick Derek are on the case. As they are the “Time Police”.

6. Why Drones Suck

The Filthy Frank Show Season 7 Episode 2Air Date: 24 Feb. 2017
Season 7, Episode 2

Pink Guy drops his second studio album, including songs talking about hot Nickelodeon girls, the superior white race, people calling him gay, David Icke conspiracies and wanting to have sex with Dora the Explorer.

5. The Gentlemen’s Guide

The Filthy Frank Show Season 6 Episode 5Air Date: 22 Apr. 2016
Season 6, Episode 5

Sir Francis of the Filth gives us his do’s and don’t on how to treat a lady like a proper gentleman.

4. Pink Life

The Filthy Frank Show Season 6 Episode 12Air Date: 15 Aug. 2016
Season 6, Episode 12

Pink Guy raps about his career.

3. Rat Chef

The Filthy Frank Show Season 5 Episode 8Air Date: 22 Mar. 2015
Season 5, Episode 8

Frank (dressed as Guy Fierri) starts the video off by explaining how women are attracted to men who can cook, and then goes on to tell that he himself is a talented chef, and then proceeds to teach the viewer how to be master chefs themselves. Frank sets out to the China Town district of New York to forage for dead rats, finding 2 grown dead mice and 3 dead baby mice. He returns home and prepares the mice, making mouse broth soup, mouse quesadilla, and baby mice tortilla. He then serves the food to his friend the Shaman, who unknowingly accepts Frank’s rat food. …

2. Hair Cake

The Filthy Frank Show Season 5 Episode 25Air Date: 13 Nov. 2015
Season 5, Episode 25

Frank, Maxmoefoe, HowToBasic, and IdubbbzTV attempt to make the best cake ever.

1. Weeaboos

The Filthy Frank Show Season 4 Episode 36Air Date: 8 Oct. 2014
Season 4, Episode 36

Filthy Frank starts the episode as usual, by going really close to the camera and speaking in Japanese. He then proceeds to explain what weeaboos are and how he hates them. After a long rant, Pink Guy warns Frank that an angry weeaboo is coming to attack them. They escape to the Weeaboo Protection Chamber, where they meet the weeaboo lord “Weeaboo Jones” and engage in combat. Though Jones’s ninjutsu proved to be very powerful, Frank ultimately wins by using the “Reality Check,” thus, subduing the monster. The episode ends with a song dissing weeaboos, after which we …