Best Episodes Of The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith ShowThe Andy Griffith Show is a TV series starring Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, and Don Knotts. Widower Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son Opie, live with Andy’s Aunt Bee in Mayberry, North Carolina. With virtually no crimes to solve, most…

Release Date: October 1960

10. Jailbreak

The Andy Griffith Show Season 2 Episode 18Air Date: 5 Feb. 1962
Season 2, Episode 18

The state police come to town to catch some payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way and let them handle it. The big boys end up needing Andy and Barney more than they thought.

9. My Fair Ernest T. Bass

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 Episode 17Air Date: 3 Feb. 1964
Season 4, Episode 17

In order to help Ernest T. Bass find a girl, Andy and Barney attempt to teach him some manners and get him dressed up. Then they try to pass him off at a party as Andy’s cousin from Raleigh.

8. The Big House

The Andy Griffith Show Season 3 Episode 32Air Date: 6 May 1963
Season 3, Episode 32

When the Mayberry jail is called upon to lodge two hold-up men captured by the state police, Barney finds himself with more than he can handle – especially when “assisted” by ad-hoc deputy Gomer.

7. Barney Gets His Man

The Andy Griffith Show Season 1 Episode 30Air Date: 8 May 1961
Season 1, Episode 30

The accidental capture of a wanted man makes Barney the toast of Mayberry. It goes to his head ’til the felon escapes and returns to pay Barney back.

6. Barney’s Sidecar

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 Episode 16Air Date: 27 Jan. 1964
Season 4, Episode 16

Barney buys an old surplus army motorcycle and sidecar to use on patrol, then becomes a menace to the whole town.

5. Barney’s Physical

The Andy Griffith Show Season 5 Episode 2Air Date: 28 Sep. 1964
Season 5, Episode 2

Barney has to gain weight and somehow grow taller in a week’s time in order to meet new guidelines for sheriff’s deputies or lose his job. Can he do it?

4. Citizen’s Arrest

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 Episode 11Air Date: 16 Dec. 1963
Season 4, Episode 11

Gomer makes a citizen’s arrest of Barney for committing the same traffic violation that Barney just ticketed him for. This causes Barney to overreact, resigning as deputy and demanding a jail sentence in lieu of paying the fine. When Gomer finds out how far it has gone, he tries to come up with a solution.

3. Mr. McBeevee

The Andy Griffith Show Season 3 Episode 1Air Date: 1 Oct. 1962
Season 3, Episode 1

Opie starts talking about his new friend Mr. McBeevee, but his description is hard to believe.

2. Three Wishes for Opie

The Andy Griffith Show Season 5 Episode 14Air Date: 21 Dec. 1964
Season 5, Episode 14

Barney buys a fortune-telling game and lets Opie try it out.

1. Convicts-at-Large

The Andy Griffith Show Season 3 Episode 11Air Date: 10 Dec. 1962
Season 3, Episode 11

Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts.