Best Episodes Of The Amazing Race

The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race is a TV series starring Phil Keoghan, Joyce Agu, and Uchenna Agu. Multiple teams race around the globe for $1,000,000 to ‘amazing’ locations.

Release Date: September 2001

10. Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game: Kunming, China

The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 5Air Date: 20 Mar. 2011
Season 18, Episode 5

The nine teams stay in China as they continue the leg by travelling from Lijiang to Kunming. The pressure builds when one person is pushed over the edge by a prehistoric Road Block. A Double U-Turn causes panic among the teams as they race to avoid elimination.

9. Move Goat (Malawi)

The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 7Air Date: 6 Nov. 2011
Season 19, Episode 7

The seven teams stay in Malawi as they travel from Kumbali to Salima. One team falls behind when they are puzzled by a patriotic Speed Bump. Teams have to choose if they want to sabotage when a Double U-Turn comes into play.

8. Don’t Try to Play the Moralist Now!

The Amazing Race Season 3 Episode 10Air Date: 11 Dec. 2002
Season 3, Episode 10

The four remaining teams take off from Singapore and are instructed to fly to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and once there, they must search for the Ho Chi Minh Statue at the Rex Square.

7. I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade: Kolkata, India

The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 6Air Date: 27 Mar. 2011
Season 18, Episode 6

The eight remaining teams travel from Kunming, China to Kolkata, India. One team, overwhelmed by a swarming sea of people on India’s congested streets, narrowly avoids a traffic collision. Clumsiness threatens to spoil another team’s chances of acing the Detour.

6. I’m Not a Miner! No, You’re an Idiot!

The Amazing Race Season 2 Episode 8Air Date: 24 Apr. 2002
Season 2, Episode 8

Five teams race from Hong Kong to Sydney and into the Australian Outback in a mad intercontinental dash. Two teams fail to follow instructions at one of the challenges, resulting in a major set back for them. With an elimination looming, every decision the teams make could cost the race.

5. Another One Bites the Dust

The Amazing Race Season 29 Episode 4Air Date: 20 Apr. 2017
Season 29, Episode 4

(Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) – A previously played U-turn causes friction between two teams in Tanzania.

4. Beards in the Wind

The Amazing Race Season 23 Episode 4Air Date: 20 Oct. 2013
Season 23, Episode 4

Teams travel to Svolvaer, Norway where Racers plunge into the Arctic.

3. 4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles

The Amazing Race Season 6 Episode 13Air Date: 8 Feb. 2005
Season 6, Episode 13

Get a preview of the new season of The Amazing Race which will feature All-Star teams from past seasons.

2. I Took Out a Polar Bear

The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 4Air Date: 8 May 2019
Season 31, Episode 4

Enemies are made when one team steals another team’s taxi in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

1. The Race Begins

The Amazing Race Season 1 Episode 1Air Date: 5 Sep. 2001
Season 1, Episode 1

From Central Park in New York City eleven teams embark on the Amazing Race by speeding to the airport to catch flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. After arriving in Johannesburg, teams book charter flights to Zambia leaving the next morning and then travel to Victoria Falls. From there, they make their way to Batoka Gorge where teams choose between two detours: either hike to the bottom of the gorge or use a zip line to cross, and then bungee to the bottom of the gorge. After the task is complete, teams race to the pit stop at Songwe Village, and the last team to …