Best Episodes Of Survivorman

SurvivormanSurvivorman is a TV series starring Les Stroud, Todd Standing, and Logan Stroud. No food, no shelter, no fresh water – one man alone in the wild for seven days with only his wits and stamina to sustain him.

Release Date: October 2004

10. Georgia Swamp

Survivorman Season 1 Episode 4Air Date: 27 Apr. 2005
Season 1, Episode 4

The swamplands of Georgia’s Altamaha River Basin are all that one would expect of a Primordial bog: dank, foreboding, swimming with alligators. This environment will welcome film maker and survival expert Les Stroud for seven sweaty days and nights.

9. Temagami Forest

Survivorman Season 5 Episode 4Air Date: 29 Jan. 2014
Season 5, Episode 4

Les returns to the oldest mountain ranges in North America, The forests of Ontario’s Temagami, to survive for ten days with no food, no water, no shelter, no safety and no camera crew. Facing the dangers of packs of wolves and vigilant moose.

8. Sierra Nevada

Survivorman Season 3 Episode 1Air Date: 7 Nov. 2008
Season 3, Episode 1

When “Survivorman” Les Stroud gets lost in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains, a Search and Rescue team is called in to track him down.

7. Episode #7.4

Air Date: 28 Nov. 2015
Season 7, Episode 4

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6. Episode #7.5

Air Date: 5 Dec. 2015
Season 7, Episode 5

Les recreates the real life story of family who were lost and stranded for six days in the forests of Oregon.

5. Lost at Sea

Survivorman Season 1 Episode 9Air Date: 1 Jun. 2005
Season 1, Episode 9

Les Stroud embarks on a cruise off the coast of Belize. But Les’ idea of a cruise is floating adrift on an inflatable life raft with no food and little equipment. Maybe Les should consider getting a different travel agent.

4. Canadian Arctic

Survivorman Season 1 Episode 5Air Date: 4 May 2005
Season 1, Episode 5

Les Stroud takes on the challenge of surviving a week on Baffin Island. All he has at his disposal are a chunk of seal liver, some oil-rich blubber for heat, a seal hook, three matches and a knife. Witness the impossible as this man takes on nature and survives to tell the tale!

3. African Plains

Survivorman Season 2 Episode 4Air Date: 31 Aug. 2007
Season 2, Episode 4

Les ventures into the plains of northeastern South Africa. The scenario: hot-air balloon crash. The challenge: hike back to the support crew. The supplies: a machete, a knife, a bottle of water, some rope, a small first-aid kit, and the balloon itself. The dangers: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and the black mamba snake.

2. Episode #7.1

Air Date: 7 Nov. 2015
Season 7, Episode 1

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1. Jungles of Grenada

Survivorman Season 5 Episode 1Air Date: 1 Jan. 2014
Season 5, Episode 1

Les Stroud travels to the an island jungle in Grenada. Here Les has to search for food and fresh water while dealing with sudden rain, dampness coupled with heat and a jungle alive with insects.