Best Episodes Of Steven Universe

Steven UniverseSteven Universe is a TV series starring Zach Callison, Deedee Magno, and Michaela Dietz. A team of intergalactic warriors fights to protect the universe, but the combination of three highly trained beings and one quirky young boy…

Release Date: July 2013

10. Storm in the Room

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 16Air Date: 17 Feb. 2017
Season 4, Episode 16

Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers.

9. Mindful Education

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 4Air Date: 25 Aug. 2016
Season 4, Episode 4

Steven and Connie learn to focus better.

8. I Am My Monster

Steven Universe Season 6 Episode 19Air Date: 27 Mar. 2020
Season 6, Episode 19

When Steven becomes corrupted and terrorises Beach City, the Gems must figure out how to save him.

7. Rose’s Scabbard

Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 45Air Date: 9 Mar. 2015
Season 1, Episode 45

Lion finds the scabbard to Rose’s lost sword. Steven knows where the sword is. Pearl realizes that Rose, the one person she was deeply intimate with, kept secrets from her and becomes highly emotional, confused and upset.

6. The Return

Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 52Air Date: 12 Mar. 2015
Season 1, Episode 52

A new threat arrives in Beach City.

5. The Trial

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 2Air Date: 29 May 2017
Season 5, Episode 2

Steven goes to court with the Diamonds and is put on trial.

4. Earthlings

Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 22Air Date: 8 Aug. 2016
Season 3, Episode 22

After finding Jasper once again, but now in the Beta Kindergarten, Steven and Amethyst face off with her. Jasper had been trapping corrupted gems in holes around the Kindergarten to use as an army. Be prepared for a battle.

3. The Answer

Steven Universe Season 2 Episode 21Air Date: 4 Jan. 2016
Season 2, Episode 21

Garnet tells Steven the story of how she became a crystal gem

2. Change Your Mind

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 28Air Date: 21 Jan. 2019
Season 5, Episode 28

After landing on homeworld, Steven embarks on a journey to convince White Diamond to listen to him so he can help the corrupted gems back on Earth.

1. Reunited

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 23Air Date: 6 Jul. 2018
Season 5, Episode 23

Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion.