Best Episodes Of Spaced

SpacedSpaced is a TV series starring Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg, and Julia Deakin. Friends Tim and Daisy, 20-something North Londoners with uncertain futures, must pretend to be a couple to live in the only apartment they can afford.

Release Date: September 1999

10. Mettle

Spaced Season 2 Episode 3Air Date: 9 Mar. 2001
Season 2, Episode 3

Tim and Mike create a robot for Robot Wars and are on their way to the quarter finals. Their rival team, a couple of fellow soldiers of Mike’s in the Territorial Army, sabotage Tim and Mike’s robot. Brian gets invited to do an installation at a local art gallery, and ends up knocking himself out and becoming a figure in his art display. Mike and Tim exact their revenge on their rivals by rebuilding and improving their robot.

9. Dissolution

Spaced Season 2 Episode 6Air Date: 6 Apr. 2001
Season 2, Episode 6

Marsha still thinks that Tim and Daisy are a couple, and when she sees Tim kissing and flirting with Sophie, she gets suspicious. Later that night at Daisy’s birthday dinner, Marsha tell Daisy that Tim is cheating on her, which Daisy replies with the truth about their relationship. Marsha, humiliated after realizing that she’s the only one who didn’t know the truth leaves the restaurant and moves out of the flat.

8. Epiphanies

Spaced Season 1 Episode 6Air Date: 29 Oct. 1999
Season 1, Episode 6

Tyres, Tim’s friend, stops by the flat and invites Tim and Daisy to go clubbing with him that night. After offering to pay their way in, Tim and Daisy agree. Mike and Twist decide to join, but Brian needs some convincing. He hasn’t been clubbing since a bad experience in the 80’s. After finally getting to the club, Brian finds a new appreciation for the club scene.

7. Help

Spaced Season 2 Episode 4Air Date: 23 Mar. 2001
Season 2, Episode 4

Damian Knox, the President of Darkstar Comics, is searching for a new idea, and asks for Tim’s portfolio. Anxiously, Tim organizes his portfolio, being careful to remove anything that might prevent him from getting the job. Such as a demeaning drawing he drew of Knox after their last encounter, when Knox laughed Tim out of his office. After Tyres stops by to pick up the package to be delivered, Tim notices that the demeaning drawing of Knox is not where he left it. Trying to help Tim out, Daisy slipped it back into the portfolio, thinking Tim forgot to include it. It …

6. Change

Spaced Season 2 Episode 2Air Date: 2 Mar. 2001
Season 2, Episode 2

Still struggling with his feelings of disappointment in the wake of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), Tim loses his job at Fantasy Bazaar after being rude to a customer. Meanwhile, Daisy tries to sign on after her return from Asia, and Brian fears that his inspiration has run dry.

5. Back

Spaced Season 2 Episode 1Air Date: 23 Feb. 2001
Season 2, Episode 1

Daisy returns from her holiday in Asia, unaware that there are two suited men on her trail. When the gang heads to the pub, a showdown takes place.

4. Battles

Spaced Season 1 Episode 4Air Date: 15 Oct. 1999
Season 1, Episode 4

Daisy’s boyfriend breaks up with her, and feeling the need for a loving relationship, she asks Marsha if she can have a dog. Marsha agrees and Tim is hesitant because of his past experiences with dogs which have given him a big fear of them. While Daisy and Twist go out to buy a dog, Mike and Tim go paint-balling. They run into Duane Benzie, who used to be Tim’s best friend until he stole Tim’s girlfriend.

3. Chaos

Spaced Season 1 Episode 5Air Date: 22 Oct. 1999
Season 1, Episode 5

After an all day marathon of Star Wars movies, it’s Tim’s turn to take Colin out for a walk. While he isn’t paying attention, the dog is stolen. Daisy thinks Tim got rid of Colin on purpose because she knows he doesn’t like Colin. All suspicions are dropped after they receive an anonymous letter revealing where Colin is. So Tim, Daisy, Brian, Mike, and Twist all develop a covert plan to retrieve Colin.

2. Ends

Spaced Season 1 Episode 7Air Date: 5 Nov. 1999
Season 1, Episode 7

Tim gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, asking to meet him for a drink. She reveals that she had broken up with Duane Benzie. Tim is convinced that she’ll want to get back together with him and have him move back it. Daisy thinks this is a bad idea and Mike’s afraid he’ll get hurt again. Mike has a meeting with the superiors at the Territorial Army, who decide to let him back in. When Sarah asks Tim to move back in, he realizes that his life is better now than it was when he was with her, he declines her offer.

1. Leaves

Spaced Season 2 Episode 7Air Date: 13 Apr. 2001
Season 2, Episode 7

Tim, Daisy, Mike, and Brian go into panic mode and try to find Marsha to get her to come back after they find out that she’s selling the house. Sophie is offered a job at Marvel Comics in Seattle, and decides to take it. And, with the future of her current living situation looking bleak, Daisy decides to head back home to work at a local newspaper. After executing a “bloody spectacular” plan, the guys succeed in getting Marsha to come home. But, Daisy doesn’t know that. Tim decides to rush to the train station to get Daisy, while Mike is tasked with taking Sophie to …