Best Episodes Of Riget

RigetRiget is a TV mini-series starring Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Kirsten Rolffes, and Ghita Nørby. Doctors at an ultramodern hospital in Denmark become convinced, by way of weird, inexplicable happenings, that the place is haunted.

Release Date: November 1994

10. Gargantua

Riget Season 2 Episode 3Air Date: 15 Nov. 1997
Season 2, Episode 3

Krogshøj is revived, Christian becomes the new Falcon, the Little Brother wants to die, and Mrs Drusse, inspired by her son’s dream, takes a flight around the hospital.

9. Mors in Tabula

Riget Season 2 Episode 1Air Date: 1 Nov. 1997
Season 2, Episode 1

Helmer returns from Haiti with the zombie poison but has trouble administering it. Mrs Drusse is back in the Kingdom after being struck by a van. Judith has to learn to love her deformed son who is the reincarnation of Age Krüger.

8. The Kingdom Exodus

Air Date:
Season 3, Episode 2

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7. Et fremmed legeme

Riget Season 1 Episode 3Air Date: 8 Dec. 1994
Season 1, Episode 3

Dr Helmer decides to steal the incriminating report but unbeknownst to him, Krogshøj has the same plan, Bondo wants to transplant the cancerous liver into himself, and Mrs Drusse finds out Mary didn’t die of TB as reported.

6. The Kingdom Exodus

Air Date:
Season 3, Episode 1

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5. Pandæmonium

Riget Season 2 Episode 4Air Date: 22 Nov. 1997
Season 2, Episode 4

Helmer, blackmailed into marriage by Rigmor, kidnaps Mona, Krogshøj considers eugenics, Drusse discovers a satanic sect beneath the hospital, Judith won’t let her son die, Bondo finds his half-brother, and Christian races blind.

4. De levende døde

Riget Season 1 Episode 4Air Date: 15 Dec. 1994
Season 1, Episode 4

Helmer goes to Haiti which angers his gun-wielding girlfriend, Judith may be pregnant with a ghost, Mrs Drusse reburies Mary’s remains but her troubles are only just beginning, and Operation Morning Breeze turns into a farcical disaster.

3. Trækfugle

Riget Season 2 Episode 2Air Date: 8 Nov. 1997
Season 2, Episode 2

Dr. Helmer is back from Haiti with his zombie-flying serum, Mrs. Drusse has a new spiritual mystery to solve, and Judith has just given birth to a deformed baby with a fully formed adult head and a rapidly growing body.

2. Den hvide flok

Riget Season 1 Episode 1Air Date: 24 Nov. 1994
Season 1, Episode 1

Mrs Drusse, a hypochondriac psychic gets herself admitted to the Kingdom because she believes the hospital is haunted. Meanwhile, Dr Helmer, a Dane-hating Swede under investigation for malpractice joins the hospital’s secret brethren.

1. Alliancen kalder

Riget Season 1 Episode 2Air Date: 1 Dec. 1994
Season 1, Episode 2

Mrs Drusse continues her investigation, Krogshøj steals the severed head from Mogge and uses it to blackmail him, while Bondo is at his wits’ end when a patient’s relative refuses to hand over his liver infected with a rare cancer.