Best Episodes Of Poirot

PoirotPoirot is a TV series starring David Suchet, Hugh Fraser, and Philip Jackson. The cases of eccentric, but sharp, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

Release Date: January 1989

10. Hallowe’en Party

Poirot Season 12 Episode 2Air Date: 27 Oct. 2010
Season 12, Episode 2

During a village’s Hallowe’en party, a young girl boasts of having witnessed a murder from years before. No one believes her tale until her body is found later on in the evening, drowned in the apple-bobbing bucket.

9. Murder on the Links

Poirot Season 6 Episode 3Air Date: 11 Feb. 1996
Season 6, Episode 3

While Poirot and Hastings are holidaying in France, a businessman tells Poirot that his life is in danger. The next day he is found stabbed to death on a nearby golf course.

8. After the Funeral

Poirot Season 10 Episode 3Air Date: 26 Mar. 2006
Season 10, Episode 3

When a man disinherits his sole beneficiary and bequeaths his wealth to others just prior to his death, Poirot is called in to investigate.

7. Murder on the Orient Express

Poirot Season 12 Episode 3Air Date: 25 Dec. 2010
Season 12, Episode 3

Poirot investigates the murder of a shady American businessman stabbed in his compartment on the Orient Express when it is blocked by a blizzard in Croatia.

6. The Yellow Iris

Poirot Season 5 Episode 3Air Date: 31 Jan. 1993
Season 5, Episode 3

A man celebrates the two-year anniversary of his wife’s sudden death by cyanide while in Argentina – a death which Poirot himself had witnessed, but could not solve at the time.

5. Sad Cypress

Poirot Season 9 Episode 2Air Date: 26 Dec. 2003
Season 9, Episode 2

Elinor Carlisle seems to be the obvious murderer of her ailing aunt and the beautiful romantic rival who broke up her engagement, but Poirot uncovers darker motives.

4. Peril at End House

Poirot Season 2 Episode 1Air Date: 7 Jan. 1990
Season 2, Episode 1

While Poirot is staying at an exclusive Cornish resort, he meets a beautiful heiress whose life is in danger.

3. Dead Man’s Folly

Poirot Season 13 Episode 3Air Date: 30 Oct. 2013
Season 13, Episode 3

Mrs Oliver is asked to devise a murder hunt for a Devon fĂȘte, but her sense of foreboding summons Poirot to the scene. Her fears are realized when the girl playing murder victim winds up truly murdered.

2. Five Little Pigs

Poirot Season 9 Episode 1Air Date: 14 Dec. 2003
Season 9, Episode 1

Lucy Crale enlists Poirot to investigate the 14-year-old murder in which her mother was hanged for poisoning her artist father.

1. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

Poirot Season 13 Episode 5Air Date: 13 Nov. 2013
Season 13, Episode 5

An ailing Poirot returns to Styles with Hastings nearly three decades after solving their first mystery there in order to prevent a serial killer from claiming more victims.