Best Episodes Of Masterchef

MasterchefMasterchef is a TV series starring Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Charlie Ryan. A nationwide search for the best home cooks in America. One of 50 hopefuls will become a culinary star and one of America’s “Masterchefs.”

Release Date: July 2010

10. Hot & Spicy

Masterchef Season 10 Episode 6Air Date: 26 Jun. 2019
Season 10, Episode 6

Model Alessandra Ambrosio offers input for the Top 17’s next mystery box challenge, which includes an additional twist that throws some cooks off balance, but only 15 home cooks can be chosen to continue on to the next round.

9. Auditions – Pt. 2/The Battle Round

Masterchef Season 10 Episode 2Air Date: 28 Jan. 2020
Season 10, Episode 2

Only eight aprons are left for the hopeful home cooks to earn so they can pass through the audition rounds, where they have less than 45 minutes to prepare their signature dish and leave the judges wanting for more before the Top 20 are chosen.

8. Small Dessert, Big Problems

Masterchef Season 10 Episode 15Air Date: 1 Aug. 2019
Season 10, Episode 15

Special guest judge Candace Nelson gives the home cooks 75 minutes to create one dozen macarons.

7. Top 6 Compete

Masterchef Season 1 Episode 7Air Date: 8 Sep. 2010
Season 1, Episode 7

The contestants cook hamburgers for 100 truck drivers.

6. The Finale: Part 1

Masterchef Season 7 Episode 18Air Date: 14 Sep. 2016
Season 7, Episode 18

In the next challenge, with help from some familiar home cooks, the remaining three will have 60 minutes to prepare an amazing appetizer dish. In Part Two of the season finale, the contestants will have one hour to create entrees and an hour to create a dessert.

5. Gordon Takes on a Tarte

Masterchef Season 10 Episode 7Air Date: 27 Jun. 2019
Season 10, Episode 7

The remaining home cooks face another elimination challenge in which they have 60 minutes to closely replicate the dish du jour, tarte Tatin that must be prepared with silky crème anglaise sauce, or risk surrendering their apron and going home.

4. Gordon’s Game of Chicken

Masterchef Season 8 Episode 13Air Date: 23 Aug. 2017
Season 8, Episode 13

In this week’s skills test, The Top 11 are given a bag of live crawfish and will have to carefully cook them in order to extract the most meat possible. The six weakest cooks will go head-to-head in an elimination challenge, during which they will make a crawfish dish created by none other than Gordon Ramsay. Then, the Top 10 face a chicken-and-potato team challenge. Find out which contestants will be eliminated.

3. Chopsticks & Pasta

Masterchef Season 8 Episode 16Air Date: 6 Sep. 2017
Season 8, Episode 16

In this week’s mystery box challenge, the Top Seven must create an Asian-inspired dish that centers around one of the most prominent utensils in culinary history – chopsticks! The winner gets a huge advantage moving forward, leaving the remaining home cooks to compete in a pasta-themed elimination challenge.

2. America’s Grocery Bag

Masterchef Season 8 Episode 3Air Date: 14 Jun. 2017
Season 8, Episode 3

In their first mystery box challenge of the season, the Top 20 will have to take 12 of the most popular ingredients found on any American home cook’s shopping list and make the judges a MASTERCHEF-worthy dish. Whoever wins the challenge will have a huge advantage moving forward in the competition.

1. Something Fishy

Masterchef Season 8 Episode 18Air Date: 13 Sep. 2017
Season 8, Episode 18

The Top Six split up in teams for a classic MASTERCHEF challenge – to cook for food critics, writers and chefs at a pop-up restaurant in a Southern California vineyard. Find out which contestants will be eliminated.