Best Episodes Of Manhunt

ManhuntManhunt is a TV series starring Gethin Anthony, Arliss Howard, and Kelly Jenrette. An in-depth look at how an FBI profiler helped track down the terrorist Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

Release Date: August 2017

10. Army of God

Manhunt Season 2 Episode 6Air Date: 3 Feb. 2020
Season 2, Episode 6

FBI agent Brennan merges with colleague Embry when they realize that they must change course radically if they find Rudolph. Reporter Kathy Scruggs is being blamed for pointing out Richard Jewell.

9. Publish or Perish

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 4Air Date: 15 Aug. 2017
Season 1, Episode 4

The Unabomber will stop bombing if his Manifesto is published. Fitz pushes for publication with S.A.C. Ackerman, who presents Fitz’s argument to Attorney General Janet Reno.

8. Open Season

Manhunt Season 2 Episode 10Air Date: 3 Feb. 2020
Season 2, Episode 10

The seven year manhunt for Eric Randolph concludes, and he is brought to justice for his actions.

7. USA vs. Theodore J. Kaczynski

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 8Air Date: 12 Sep. 2017
Season 1, Episode 8

When Ted fails to have the evidence against him invalidated, Fitz makes one last appeal to him to plead guilty.

6. Pure Wudder

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 2Air Date: 1 Aug. 2017
Season 1, Episode 2

When the elusive Unabomber threatens to blow up a jetliner, Fitz must determine if the threat is real. In 1997, Fitz confronts Ted for the first time.

5. Bombingham

Manhunt Season 2 Episode 3Air Date: 3 Feb. 2020
Season 2, Episode 3

While Richard is fighting the FBI and the media, a serial bomber is investigated whose methods can be linked to the Olympic bomb.

4. Abri

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 5Air Date: 22 Aug. 2017
Season 1, Episode 5

Fitz receives linguistic proof that Ted is the Unabomber and tracks down Ted’s brother David, who is astonished at the accuracy of Fitz’s profile.

3. Ted

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 6Air Date: 29 Aug. 2017
Season 1, Episode 6

In a letter to his brother, Ted recounts the key events from his past that informed his decision to engage in terrorist activities.

2. Land of the Noonday Sun

Manhunt Season 2 Episode 5Air Date: 3 Feb. 2020
Season 2, Episode 5

The FBI’s hunt for Eric Rudolph becomes difficult to control when his family and local militia members fight back against the charges. Richard Jewell calls for a revolving press conference.

1. Lincoln

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7Air Date: 5 Sep. 2017
Season 1, Episode 7

The FBI goes deep undercover to stake out Ted Kaczynski’s cabin. Time is running out before news breaks in the press and all it takes is one wrong move for the Unabomber to disappear.