Best Episodes Of Mahabharat

MahabharatMahabharat is a TV series starring Harish Bhimani, Nitish Bharadwaj, and Mukesh Khanna. A dynastic struggle occurs for the throne of Hastinapur, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan, between the Kauravas and Pandavas, collateral…

Release Date: October 1988

10. Abhimanyu’s Marriage and Pandavs Decide to Send a Doot to Hastinapur

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 61Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 61

After the wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara, Krishna, the Pandavas, Virat and others meet in Virat’s assembly. They decide to send an emissary to Hastinapur to seek the restoration of Indraprastha.

9. Bhishma Lies On The Bed Of Arrows, Karn Meets Bhishma

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 79Air Date: 1990
Season 1, Episode 79

On the tenth day of battle, Arjun positions Shikhandi in front of him and attacks Bheeshma. As Arjun’s arrows pierce his body, Bheeshma smiles.

8. Re-match of Dyut

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 49Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 49

Duryodhan threatens to wage war against the Pandavs. When Dhritrashtra forbids him from war, Duryodhan secures Dhritrashtra’s approval to entice Yudhishthir to another game of dice.

7. Arjun Vows To Kill Jaydrath And Story About Jaydraths Curse

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 83Air Date: 1990
Season 1, Episode 83

Arjun kills Susarma the Trigartha Chief and returns to the Pandava camp. He learns about Abhimanyu’s death and discovers that Jayadhrath was the main cause of his son’s death. Arjun vows to kill Jayadhrath before sunset the next day.

6. Krishna’s story of one grain of rice, Bhim meets Ghatotkach and Hanuman, Arjun learns dance from Chitrasen

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 53Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 53

Duruvasa and his followers visit Pandavs. Draupadi is worried as her cooking vessel is empty. In Indralok, Lord Indra advises Arjun to learn dance and music from Chitrasen to help him during his 13th year when incognito.

5. 9th Day Is Over And 16 Kauravs Are Dead, Bhishma Tells Arjun How To Take Him Out Of The War

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 78Air Date: 1990
Season 1, Episode 78

Bheeshma tells Pandavas that only a woman could bring his death for he would not raise his hand against a woman. The Pandavas decided to use Shikhandi in their fight against Bheeshma.

4. Arjun gets curse of impotency from Urvashi, Abhimanyus as a kid, Jayadraths head is shaved

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 54Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 54

In Indralok, Lord Indra limits Urvashi’s curse on Arjun to one year during which he becomes an eunuch.Arjun returns from Indralok armed with divine weapons. He accompanies Bheem while they rescue Draupadi from Jayadrath.

3. Agyatvas in Matsya Desh

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 56Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 56

Pandavas live incognito and serve King Virat. Yudhishthir becomes Kanak, a courtier. Bheem becomes cook. Nakul and Sahadev look after cattle and horses. Arjun becomes Brihannala, an eunuch. Draupadi becomes Sairandhri, handmaiden to Queen.

2. Kaurav Attack Matsya Desh

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 59Air Date: 1989
Season 1, Episode 59

The news of Keechak’s death reaches Duryodhan. He suspects that Bheem is responsible and decides to invade Virat. King Susarma of Trigarta also invades Virat.

1. Jaydrath Vadh

Mahabharat Season 1 Episode 85Air Date: 1990
Season 1, Episode 85

Arjun vows to kill Jayadhrath before sunset to avenge the death of his son Abhimanyu. If he is unable to kill Jayadhrath before sunset, Arjun swears he will burn himself to death.