Best Episodes Of Hilleo

HilleoHilleo is a TV series starring Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, and Tae-mi. An old murder incident involving a group who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together different people – a mysterious errand guy “Healer” who…

Release Date: December 2014

10. Can’t It Be Me?

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 10Air Date: 6 Jan. 2015
Season 1, Episode 10

The new Some Day News kicks off it’s coverage with a bang and in the process makes Young Shin a star. Healer gets some of the answers he’s been looking for.

9. Just Like the Others

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 18Air Date: 3 Feb. 2015
Season 1, Episode 18

After the success of Moon Ho’s plan, the Farmers decide to flex a little of their muscle.

8. I’ll Protect You

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 19Air Date: 9 Feb. 2015
Season 1, Episode 19

Elder sets a trap that endangers those around Healer and forces him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

7. Begin

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 6Air Date: 23 Dec. 2014
Season 1, Episode 6

Young Shin ‘s story is turning out to be a bigger handful than she ever expected. Healer learns that someone is out to get him.

6. Fate Continues

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 2Air Date: 9 Dec. 2014
Season 1, Episode 2

The Healer’s current assignment involves both Moon Ho and Young Shin.

5. We, Under the Sunset

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 7Air Date: 29 Dec. 2014
Season 1, Episode 7

Healer is slightly worried now that Moon Ho has taken over the news site where Young Shin works.

4. I’m Waiting

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 13Air Date: 19 Jan. 2015
Season 1, Episode 13

Kim Moon Shik seems to be getting closer to finding out Healer’s true identity. After having to saving him, Young Shin is also starting to figure things out.

3. The First Kiss That Day

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 3Air Date: 15 Dec. 2014
Season 1, Episode 3

As the Healer gets closer to Young Shin, he continues to wonder how she knows about him and why.

2. To You Again

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 16Air Date: 27 Jan. 2015
Season 1, Episode 16

Now that Moon Shik knows everything, he decides it’s time to teach everyone involved a lesson on how things really work.

1. Won’t You Answer Me?

Hilleo Season 1 Episode 17Air Date: 2 Feb. 2015
Season 1, Episode 17

The source might be gone but not the lead. Healer continues to look for the tape of his father’s confession, a tape that could change everything.