Best Episodes Of Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's KitchenHell’s Kitchen is a TV series starring Gordon Ramsay, Jean Philippe Susilovic, and Scott Leibfried. World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his…

Release Date: May 2005

10. Episode #19.15

Air Date: 2020
Season 19, Episode 15

The chefs are treated to a visit from their families and a tour of Las Vegas. However, their trip to the Jubilee Theatre at Caesar’s Palce soon turns into their final challenge.

9. Hell’s Riders

Air Date: 12 Oct. 2018
Season 18, Episode 3

The chefs are tasked with serving lunch to the Marines.

8. 18 Chefs Compete

Hell's Kitchen Season 9 Episode 1Air Date: 18 Jul. 2011
Season 9, Episode 1

Eighteen new aspiring chefs dare to brave the heat of competition when Chef Gordon Ramsay opens the doors to a new season of HELL’S KITCHEN. The chefs must prove they have the skill, passion and dedication as they compete for the grand prize of a Head Chef position at BLT Steak in New York City. In the first team challenge of the season, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to prepare their signature dish and splits the chefs into two teams: men vs. women. The winning team gets a taste of the sweet life when they wine and dine with Season Eight winner Nona Sivley at L.A. …

7. Episode #19.13

Air Date: 2020
Season 19, Episode 13

The remaining cooks celebrate their success of making it to the final five. Two chefs who have a budding romance, decide to take their celebration to the hot tub.

6. Devilish Desserts

Air Date: 11 Jan. 2019
Season 18, Episode 11

The competition heats up with only seven chefs left in the competition. During the challenge, guest judge and renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Valerie Gordon cracks down hard on both teams’ take on dessert. The dinner service starts without a hitch, but one team’s lack of communication causes pure chaos in the kitchen, resulting in a dramatic elimination. Tune in to see both teams battle it out for Chef Ramsay’s approval.

5. Welcome to Vegas

Hell's Kitchen Season 19 Episode 1Air Date: 21 Oct. 2020
Season 19, Episode 1

Gordon Ramsay coaches another selection of hopeful chefs, with the job as head chef at his restaurant in Lake Tahoe and $250,000 going to the winner.

4. Episode #19.9

Air Date: 2020
Season 19, Episode 9

The contestants take part in the blind taste test, with the winners enjoying a helicopter ride, while punishment awaits the losers. Both teams struggle during service – but who will be sent home.

3. Hell Caesar!

Air Date: 28 Oct. 2020
Season 19, Episode 3

The days events involve a Caesar salad challenge. As service begins, the chefs compete to cook for an Olympian and an NFL star at the Chefs Tables, but which team will complete a successful service and who goes home?

2. Tequila Shots?

Hell's Kitchen Season 16 Episode 15Air Date: 26 Jan. 2017
Season 16, Episode 15

After two chefs are eliminated, the remaining contestants must create a unique dining experience for a large group of well-known chefs that include guest judges Bruce Kalman, Steve Samson, Mette Williams and Alessio Biagini. The winner of this challenge is taken on a helicopter tour of Los Angeles with Chef Andi and is treated to a delicious lunch at Firefly with Chef Ramsay. The losing chefs on the other hand, are forced to wrap presents for the Hell’s Kitchen staff, steam their clothes and polish their shoes. At the dinner service, actress Tara Reid, pro baseball …

1. Shrimply Spectacular

Air Date: 22 Oct. 2020
Season 19, Episode 2

Gordon Ramsay tries to mentor aspiring cooks. The contestants are put through their paces as the competition continues to land the $250,000 prize and a job at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe.