Best Episodes Of Ghost Adventures

Ghost AdventuresGhost Adventures is a TV series starring Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Billy Tolley. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley investigate the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world.

Release Date: October 2008

10. Los Coches Adobe

Ghost Adventures Season 11 Episode 6Air Date: 26 Sep. 2015
Season 11, Episode 6

Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Soledad, California for their lockdown at the Los Coches Adobe, a former brothel where a lady in black is said to roam. The guys also investigate a local legend about Old Stage Road outside of Salinas, California to validate peoples claims of a female spirit appearing on the road, and in their car.

9. The Washoe Club: Final Chapter

Ghost Adventures Season 16 Episode 7Air Date: 30 Jun. 2018
Season 16, Episode 7

Zak and the crew investigate the Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV, for the very last time. A highly personal communication brings the guys to tears, and they experience a chilling exchange with the spirits.

8. Albion Castle

Ghost Adventures Season 19 Episode 5Air Date: 31 Jan. 2020
Season 19, Episode 5

Zak and the crew are in San Francisco investigating a mysterious castle built on top of sacred caverns said to be a haunted by a female apparition. The current owners claim to be plagued by paranormal activity in almost every corner of the property.

7. Haunted Harvey House

Ghost Adventures Season 11 Episode 5Air Date: 19 Sep. 2015
Season 11, Episode 5

The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Las Vegas, New Mexico to investigate the abandoned Castaneda Hotel, one of the Fred Harvey Company’s most famous hotels. They also investigate the nearby haunted Plaza Hotel.

6. Old Lincoln County Hospital

Ghost Adventures Season 11 Episode 4Air Date: 12 Sep. 2015
Season 11, Episode 4

The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Fayetteville, Tennessee to investigate the Old Lincoln County Hospital, a claimed powerhouse of paranormal activity.

5. Stone Lion Inn

Ghost Adventures Season 14 Episode 1Air Date: 25 Mar. 2017
Season 14, Episode 1

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where it is said the owner performs satanic rituals in the local cemetery.

4. Halloween Special: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse

Ghost Adventures Season 19 Episode 0Air Date: Oct. 2020
Season 19, Episode 0

Zak and the crew travel to Rhode Island investigate the site of one of America’s most-iconic paranormal cases — the Perron family haunting. The 300-year-old farmhouse has stood the test of time, but so too has the dark entity that roams the property.

3. Ghost Train of Ely

Ghost Adventures Season 21 Episode 1Air Date: 4 Dec. 2020
Season 21, Episode 1

Zak and the crew hop aboard a 100-year-old steam engine for a lockdown they will never forget. It’s a paranormal-packed ride as the guys investigate reports of apparitions and strange anomalies along the historic Nevada Northern Railway.

2. Lewis Flats School

Ghost Adventures Season 16 Episode 8Air Date: 7 Jul. 2018
Season 16, Episode 8

Zak and the crew land in Deming, NM, to investigate a mysterious school situated on land that is soaked with the spirits of the Apache and their violent struggle to keep it from the pioneers during the 1800s.

1. The Comedy Store

Ghost Adventures Season 21 Episode 4Air Date: 1 Jan. 2021
Season 21, Episode 4

Fear and laughter go hand in hand as the crew stirs up spirits at LA’s Comedy Store. The building that has collected so many laughs is shadowed by tragedy and violence, creating a paranormal energy unlike any other during the star-studded investigation.