Best Episodes Of Face Off

Face OffFace Off is a TV series starring McKenzie Westmore, Glenn Hetrick, and Ve Neill. Special effects make up artists compete in challenges.

Release Date: January 2011

10. Face Your Fears

Air Date: 5 Jun. 2018
Season 13, Episode 1

In the season premiere of Face Off, twelve of your favorite artists return to the competition with a twist: this time they’re battling.

9. Amusing Aliens

Face Off Season 12 Episode 8Air Date: 8 Aug. 2017
Season 12, Episode 8

The legendary Rick Baker guest judges the artists’ alien creations, inspired by real recordings from space.

8. Maritime Monsters

Air Date: 17 Jul. 2018
Season 13, Episode 7

The competition tightens as the six remaining artists create original sea monsters in this week’s battles, with the help of an industry expert in next week’s elimination challenge on the line.

7. It’s Better in the Dark

Face Off Season 4 Episode 8Air Date: 5 Mar. 2013
Season 4, Episode 8

The seven remaining artists create never-before-seen creatures that glow in the dark, and are faced with a high-stakes twist.

6. Imaginary Friends

Face Off Season 8 Episode 11Air Date: 24 Mar. 2015
Season 8, Episode 11

The six remaining artists are surprised to learn that they will be working with a group of children in a challenge that involves bringing their imaginary friends to life.

5. Battle of the Beasts

Face Off Season 11 Episode 14Air Date: 25 Apr. 2017
Season 11, Episode 14

The final three must create animalistic kung-fu masters for an actual fight scene.

4. Journey Into Fear, Part 2

Face Off Season 12 Episode 10Air Date: 22 Aug. 2017
Season 12, Episode 10

Twists abound for the final three’s haunted house challenge. Who will be named winner of Face Off Season 12?

3. Burtonesque

Face Off Season 2 Episode 8Air Date: 29 Feb. 2012
Season 2, Episode 8

Contestants are challenged to create a whimsical character that is worthy of appearing in a Tim Burton film.

2. Dressed to Kill

Face Off Season 8 Episode 8Air Date: 3 Mar. 2015
Season 8, Episode 8

The nine remaining artists tackle a challenge that takes them into the worlds of both fashion and horror as they create makeups worthy of horror icon, Clive Barker.

1. Judge Match

Face Off Season 7 Episode 7Air Date: 2 Sep. 2014
Season 7, Episode 7

Series judges Ve Neill, Neville Page, and Glenn Hetrick compete against each other for charity with the help of a few Face Off all-stars.