Best Episodes Of Drawn Together

Drawn TogetherDrawn Together is a TV series starring Adam Carolla, Jess Harnell, and Abbey McBride. A parody of reality shows cast with spoofs of several famous types of animated characters.

Release Date: October 2004

10. Lost in Parking Space: Part Two

Drawn Together Season 3 Episode 8Air Date: 4 Oct. 2007
Season 3, Episode 8

Second half of “Lost in Parking Space, Part One.” Toot drinks saltwater and goes insane, prompting the others to kill and eat Ling-Ling. Foxxy is kidnapped by the manager at Hot Topic, who reveals the truth behind the store’s success. And a sinful Clara shows up to torture Foxxy. Meanwhile, Xandir befriends two homeless men and learns an important lesson about leadership.

9. Foxxy vs. The Board of Education

Drawn Together Season 2 Episode 2Air Date: 26 Oct. 2005
Season 2, Episode 2

Spanky and Xandir decide to get married, while Foxxy must try to pass the SAT to get her detective’s license.

8. Terms of Endearment

Drawn Together Season 2 Episode 8Air Date: 26 Jan. 2006
Season 2, Episode 8

Foxxy gets a brain tumor from Hero’s X-ray vision, and a giant mouse wants her rubbed out.

7. Drawn Together Babies

Drawn Together Season 3 Episode 11Air Date: 25 Oct. 2007
Season 3, Episode 11

In this parody of the series “Muppet Babies”, the Drawn Together Babies have a grand adventure: hiding the body of the babysitter they accidentally killed while at the same time trying to convince her boyfriend that she is still alive.

6. The Lemon AIDS Walk

Drawn Together Season 2 Episode 12Air Date: 22 Feb. 2006
Season 2, Episode 12

Hero sets out to overcome his one weakness, but ends up going overboard. Wooldoor, meanwhile, does time for stealing and has trouble adjusting to life outside the big house.

5. Clum Babies

Drawn Together Season 2 Episode 5Air Date: 16 Nov. 2005
Season 2, Episode 5

Wooldoor surprises the house-mates with his masturbation efforts, and Ling-Ling finds himself in an arranged battle.

4. Wooldoor Sockbat’s Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!

Drawn Together Season 3 Episode 2Air Date: 12 Oct. 2006
Season 3, Episode 2

A Terminator tries to stop Wooldoor’s new children’s show from turning the world gay. Toot pursues the mythical Wienermobile.

3. A Very Special Drawn Together After School Special

Drawn Together Season 2 Episode 13Air Date: 1 Mar. 2006
Season 2, Episode 13

Xandir decides he needs to come out to his parents, and enlists the house-mates’ help in guessing how they’ll react. Naturally, things spiral out of control.

2. Hot Tub

Drawn Together Season 1 Episode 1Air Date: 8 May 2005
Season 1, Episode 1

In the first episode, the eight characters arrive and get to know one another. Princess Clara immediately creates a conflict by thinking Foxxy Love must be one of the servants because she’s black. Clara continues to make things worse with her ignorant comments until Foxxy finally feels sorry for her and starts exposing Clara to new experiences. Meanwhile, Toots falls for Xandir, and begins looking for ways to separate him from his girlfriend.

1. The Other Cousin

Drawn Together Season 1 Episode 5Air Date: 1 Dec. 2004
Season 1, Episode 5

Princess Clara is embarrassed when her cousin comes to visit, while Xandir, Toots and Wooldoor get high off Ling Ling.