Best Episodes Of Dickinson

DickinsonDickinson is a TV series starring Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Enscoe, and Anna Baryshnikov. An inside look at the world of writer Emily Dickinson.

Release Date: November 2019

10. Fame Is a Fickle Food

Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2Air Date: 8 Jan. 2021
Season 2, Episode 2

Emily’s participation in an Amherst baking contest gives her a taste of fame and celebrity, but she questions the benefits.

9. Before I Got My Eye Put Out

Dickinson Season 2 Episode 1Air Date: 8 Jan. 2021
Season 2, Episode 1

Emily’s insular poetic world is rocket when Sue introduces her to Sam Bowles, a newspaper editor with a strong interest in publishing women.

8. I Am Afraid to Own a Body

Dickinson Season 1 Episode 5Air Date: 1 Nov. 2019
Season 1, Episode 5

Emily confronts tough issues as a meeting of the local Shakespeare club.

7. Forbidden Fruit a Flavor Has

Dickinson Season 2 Episode 5Air Date: 22 Jan. 2021
Season 2, Episode 5

When she learns that Sam plans to publish her poem, Emily embraces being his latest discovery while attending one of Sue’s salons.

6. I Have Never Seen ‘Volcanoes’

Dickinson Season 1 Episode 2Air Date: 1 Nov. 2019
Season 1, Episode 2

Women are forbidden at Amherst, so Emily and Sue get creative to attend a lecture.

5. There’s a Certain Slant of Light

Dickinson Season 1 Episode 8Air Date: 1 Nov. 2019
Season 1, Episode 8

On Christmas, Emily tries to be the “good little woman”.

4. We Lose – Because We Win

Dickinson Season 1 Episode 7Air Date: 1 Nov. 2019
Season 1, Episode 7

On her father’s election day, Emily defiantly attempts to publish another poem.

3. Split the Lark

Dickinson Season 2 Episode 6Air Date: 29 Jan. 2021
Season 2, Episode 6

Things don’t go as planned when Emily tries to express her gratitude to Sam during a night at the opera.

2. The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun

Dickinson Season 2 Episode 4Air Date: 15 Jan. 2021
Season 2, Episode 4

After some time without news from Sam, Emily begins to suffer from writer’s block. To rediscover her inspiration, she ventures into the landscape.

1. I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain

Dickinson Season 1 Episode 10Air Date: 1 Nov. 2019
Season 1, Episode 10

Emily’s relationships are challenged as she moves into a new chapter of life.