Best Episodes Of Dexter

DexterDexter is a TV series starring Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, and David Zayas. By day, mild-mannered Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police. But at night, he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers.

Release Date: October 2006

10. Do You See What I See?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 11Air Date: 9 Dec. 2012
Season 7, Episode 11

As Christmas approaches, Dexter tries to balance his life with Hannah and his relationship with Debra. Dexter learns the man responsible for ordering his mother’s death has been released from jail.

9. In The Beginning

Dexter Season 5 Episode 10Air Date: 28 Nov. 2010
Season 5, Episode 10

Dexter discovers a possible ally in the pursuit of Lumen’s former captors, but he and Lumen are forced to step down when homicide uncovers evidence linked to one of their prior victims.

8. Surprise, Motherf**ker!

Dexter Season 7 Episode 12Air Date: 16 Dec. 2012
Season 7, Episode 12

Season 7 finale. As LaGuerta closes in on Dexter’s secret, Dexter struggles to protect himself, Debra and the life he’s built.

7. Go Your Own Way

Dexter Season 3 Episode 10Air Date: 30 Nov. 2008
Season 3, Episode 10

A series of chess-like moves ensues when Dexter and Miguel vie for the upper hand, with Miguel winning Rita’s affection by presenting her with a lavish wedding gift; Debra wonders if her relationship with Anton is worth it.

6. Return to Sender

Dexter Season 1 Episode 6Air Date: 5 Nov. 2006
Season 1, Episode 6

The Ice Truck Killer leaves Dexter a surprise at the scene of one of Dexter’s recent kills, placing him firmly in the cross hairs of his own Homicide Division colleagues.

5. Resistance Is Futile

Dexter Season 2 Episode 9Air Date: 25 Nov. 2007
Season 2, Episode 9

Dexter tries to distance himself from Lila, but discovers she is unwilling to let go of their relationship; Lundy’s manhunt makes Dexter nervous as he tries to stay one step ahead – but it’s Dexter’s worst enemy that learns his secret.

4. Truth Be Told

Dexter Season 1 Episode 11Air Date: 16 Sep. 2007
Season 1, Episode 11

The Ice Truck Killer kidnaps someone close to Dexter, forcing him into a trap that will forever change his life, while Doakes begins to harbor suspicions about Dexter’s odd behavior.

3. This Is the Way the World Ends

Dexter Season 6 Episode 12Air Date: 18 Dec. 2011
Season 6, Episode 12

In the Season 6 finale, Dexter and Homicide race a lunar eclipse to catch the Doomsday Killers before their final gruesome act; Debra struggles with a new emotional reality.

2. Are You…?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 1Air Date: 30 Sep. 2012
Season 7, Episode 1

Season 7 premiere. After witnessing her brother kill, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) attempts to reconcile with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) while struggling to cover up their involvement with the murder.

1. The Getaway

Dexter Season 4 Episode 12Air Date: 13 Dec. 2009
Season 4, Episode 12

Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, as Debra unearths a shocking long-hidden truth, Rita admits her marriage to Dexter is troubled, and Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of an ethics breach. Season Finale.