Best Episodes Of Deadliest Catch

Deadliest CatchDeadliest Catch is a TV series starring Mike Rowe, Sig Hansen, and Keith Colburn. A documentary series chronicling the real-life high-sea adventures of the Alaskan crab fishermen. This is the most deadly profession in the world.

Release Date: March 2005

10. Family Affair

Deadliest Catch Season 10 Episode 2Air Date: 29 Apr. 2014
Season 10, Episode 2

Two weeks into the King Crab season the fleet is already behind after a government shut down and now a massive arctic storm. A harrowing Coast Guard airlift must abort with 100-knot winds whipping over the grounds.

9. Shotguns and Fist Fights

Air Date: 5 May 2020
Season 16, Episode 4

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8. Devil’s Cut

Deadliest Catch Season 15 Episode 15Air Date: 16 Jul. 2019
Season 15, Episode 15

A Cornelia Marie deckhand suffers a devastating blow that requires emergency surgery at sea by Casey. Meanwhile, Captain Sig is left behind awaiting news from home.

7. Supermoon Storm

Air Date: 17 Jul. 2018
Season 14, Episode 14

A 150-year supermoon storm wreaks havoc on tides, churning undersea currents that rip pots right off their lines. The Coast Guard attempt a rescue mission in the heart of the storm, while Wild Bill faces his worst nightmare as a greenhorn goes overboard.

6. Last Damn Arctic Storm

Deadliest Catch Season 13 Episode 19Air Date: 29 Aug. 2017
Season 13, Episode 19

In the wake of the Destination tragedy, one last storm bears down on Edgar, Bill, Sean and Jake. The Coast Guard attempts to save the crew of a fishing vessel while their boat takes on water.

5. You’ll Know My Name Is the Lord…

Deadliest Catch Season 10 Episode 16Air Date: 5 Aug. 2014
Season 10, Episode 16

An arctic hurricane strikes the fleet. The Cornelia Marie faces sinking. Blood is shed on the Time Bandit. The Northwestern needs repair in 30 foot seas. The Wizard has a near perfect season.

4. Chase Boat Rescue

Air Date: 23 Jun. 2020
Season 16, Episode 11

For the first time, Junior has to call on the chase boat to help rescue them. Plus, Josh and Casey hit a massive wave that causes major trouble.

3. Captain Phil Harris Remembered

Air Date: 20 Jul. 2010
Season 6, Episode 16

One hour celebrating the life of the great captain Phil Harris. Everyone from the Harris boys to the captains and crews of all the boats in the Bering sea tell there stories they had with Captain Harris.

2. The Russian Front

Air Date: 26 May 2020
Season 16, Episode 7

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1. Man Down

Deadliest Catch Season 13 Episode 16Air Date: 8 Aug. 2017
Season 13, Episode 16

When Mother Nature stirs it up on the Bering Sea, Sean is set on a collision course with another boat, two deckhands get taken down on the Wizard, and Jake almost loses a deckhand…twice.