Best Episodes Of Cops

CopsCops is a TV series starring Ruben Barela, Andrew Fincher, and Alex Cox. Camera crews follow police officers while they work.

Release Date: March 1989

10. That’s My Grill

Cops Season 28 Episode 5Air Date: 1 Aug. 2015
Season 28, Episode 5

A handcuffed teen makes a run for it when deputies turn him over to paramedics. During a traffic stop, a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed. An angry aunt unsuccessfully evicts her nephew and his pregnant girlfriend.

9. Shaking Like a Paint Mixer

Air Date: 30 Jan. 2016
Season 28, Episode 25

A man jumps from a moving vehicle in an effort to escape the police. A car chase ends with a call to paramedics. An agitated man confuses threatening actions with heroism.

8. 650th Milestone Episode

Air Date: 20 May 2006
Season 18, Episode 29

Today is the 650th Milestone Episode.

7. Glazed and Confused

Air Date: 15 Apr. 2019
Season 31, Episode 28

Todays theme is Glazed and Confused.

6. Fake Friends

Air Date: 23 Sep. 2017
Season 30, Episode 16

It’s off to the races when an injured suspect spots his window of opportunity. A man bosses officers around after he’s caught with some unsavory items. Detectives catch a man in a sting, but he still won’t admit to his crime.

5. New Jersey 6

Air Date: 3 Feb. 2001
Season 13, Episode 19

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4. From Sixty to Zero

Cops Season 29 Episode 1Air Date: 4 Jun. 2016
Season 29, Episode 1

A motorcyclist gambles with his life during a high-speed chase. One lawbreaker will say anything to avoid being caught. A recent parolee blames Mom when the cops question him about his past.

3. Stupid Behavior #3

Cops Season 21 Episode 3Air Date: 13 Sep. 2008
Season 21, Episode 3

Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, set-up a sting in a known drug trafficking area and cameras are there to capture the criminals take the bait one by one. Also featured are officers in Las Vegas, NV, called to a restaurant where a patron gives new meaning to “eat and run.” As tropical storm clouds approach, deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, catch a suspect creating a cloud inside his car.

2. 750th Milestone: Special Edition

Cops Season 21 Episode 23Air Date: 21 Mar. 2009
Season 21, Episode 23

High points celebrated and low points profiled.

1. Smooth Criminal

Cops Season 24 Episode 3Air Date: 24 Sep. 2011
Season 24, Episode 3

A woman hires a hit man to kill her husband.