Best Episodes Of Coach

CoachCoach is a TV series starring Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke, and Bill Fagerbakke. Hayden Fox is the head coach of a university football team, and eats, sleeps and lives football.

Release Date: February 1989

10. If Keith Jackson Calls, I’ll Be at My Therapist’s

Coach Season 2 Episode 5Air Date: 19 Dec. 1989
Season 2, Episode 5

Coach undergoes hypnotism in order to overcome a nervous facial twitch, but with adverse affects.

9. Diamonds Are a Dentist’s Best Friend

Air Date: 9 Apr. 1991
Season 3, Episode 22

A dentist who offers low prices on diamond jewelry inspires Hayden to make a deal with him in order to buy an engagement ring for Christine.

8. Upsized

Air Date: 16 Apr. 1997
Season 9, Episode 19

Luther is given the job of general manager for the Breakers only to find he misses the coaching life.

7. The Playbook

Air Date: 30 Nov. 1993
Season 6, Episode 10

The Screaming Eagles arrive in San Antonio for the National Championship and before long Dauber makes a horrible mistake.

6. Ten Percent of Nothing

Air Date: 4 Apr. 1995
Season 7, Episode 23

Luther decides to go behind his agent (who is also his dentist)’s back and gets a job without him knowing and, at the same time, gets a bad cavity.

5. Cabin Fever

Air Date: 27 Nov. 1990
Season 3, Episode 9

Luther decides to buy a log cabin, which would make Hayden and Luther neighbors.

4. The Babywreckers

Air Date: 4 Jan. 1994
Season 6, Episode 13

Hayden and Christine agree to watch over a friend’s baby for practice, and when Christine has to leave for work Hayden is worried how he’ll hold up alone.

3. Wings Over Buffalo

Air Date: 20 Dec. 1996
Season 9, Episode 9

The team gets a suspicious case of food poisoning after downing 40 buckets of Buffalo chicken wings.

2. The Body Gardener

Air Date: 5 Feb. 1997
Season 9, Episode 12

Hayden repeatedly goes out of way to help his ex handicapped gardener Kenny Montague.

1. Homewreckers

Air Date: 6 Mar. 1990
Season 2, Episode 15

Hayden and Luther are left alone in Christine’s apartment and accidentally destroy the place.