Best Episodes Of Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock PresentsAlfred Hitchcock Presents is a TV series starring Alfred Hitchcock, Harry Tyler, and John Williams. Series of unrelated short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy about people of different backgrounds…

Release Date: October 1955

10. Out There – Darkness

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 4 Episode 16Air Date: 25 Jan. 1959
Season 4, Episode 16

Miss Fox is a rich old widow who falsely identifies one of the building’s employees as the guy who robbed her, and later she wants to help him but it may be too late.

9. The Creeper

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 Episode 38Air Date: 17 Jun. 1956
Season 1, Episode 38

A frightened housewife is alone in her apartment when she begins to suspect just about anyone could be the unknown killer who has been strangling women.

8. Lamb to the Slaughter

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 3 Episode 28Air Date: 13 Apr. 1958
Season 3, Episode 28

When Mary Maloney’s police chief husband is found murdered, the police investigate and have a hard time trying to find the murder weapon.

7. Hooked

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5 Episode 38Air Date: 25 Sep. 1960
Season 5, Episode 38

Ray Marchand is married to an older woman but he is quite attracted to Nyla Foster, a very attractive college student spending the summer working at her father’s fishing camp. She tells Ray that her father would never leave her alone with him – so he should stop by on Mondays, when her father goes into town for supplies. When Nyla hears that Ray’s wife can’t swim, they start thinking that an “accident” might be in order, so Ray decides to take up fishing, his wife’s favourite pastime. His plans don’t quite work out, however.

6. The Twelve Hour Caper

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 7 Episode 34Air Date: 29 May 1962
Season 7, Episode 34

Herbert Wiggam has been the assistant cashier at his securities trading firm for 11 years. He has always been a loyal employee but things may be changing. He’s advised by his boss that he will not be getting the head cashier position as that will going to another employee, who just happens to be his wife’s favorite nephew. Wiggam goes ahead with an elaborate plan to steal $500,000 in bearer bonds that are scheduled for delivery late on a Friday afternoon. He’s planned everything down to the minute – but has he forgotten one important factor?

5. Man with a Problem

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 4 Episode 7Air Date: 16 Nov. 1958
Season 4, Episode 7

Karen Adams’ infidelity drives her husband Carl to attempt suicide by jumping from a high window ledge at a hotel. Can police officer Barrett stop him?

4. The Crooked Road

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 4 Episode 4Air Date: 26 Oct. 1958
Season 4, Episode 4

Harry Adams and his wife are driving cross-country through a rural Deep South town when a local speed trap ensnares the young couple. The corrupt redneck police officer, Chandler, arrests them and attempts to extort money from them. The more sophisticated and civilized vacationers from the Big Apple protest their innocence. But the worse they protest, the more the charges, cost & beatings inflicted by Officer Chandler and the entire town of corrupt rednecks becomes. Even Mrs. Adams sincere attempts to mollify the highway robbery patrol doesn’t work. How more bad can …

3. The Woman Who Wanted to Live

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 7 Episode 18Air Date: 6 Feb. 1962
Season 7, Episode 18

When a woman is forced by a murderer to drive him to safety, she deliberately passes up chances to escape.

2. Road Hog

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5 Episode 11Air Date: 6 Dec. 1959
Season 5, Episode 11

A very rude traveling salesman forces a truck off the road, causing a delay in emergency care for an injured young man, who dies.

1. Man from the South

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5 Episode 15Air Date: 3 Jan. 1960
Season 5, Episode 15

In a Las Vegas casino, an unpleasant little man hopes to use a young man’s wish to impress the young woman he has just met to pressure the young fellow into accepting a macabre bet.